Thursday, January 17, 2008


The one thing that will annoy me very much all of the time would be people who never call or sms you casually (not that I like to receive calls & sms al of the time!) and suddenly calls you and started telling about where he/ she is working now, what's the frigging company is like compared to the frigging one he/ she left yadayadayada and for some favor.....I would be more annoyed when this kind of people just fail to compute when I tell them directly it is not a good time to talk because I am not feeling well and please send me an e-mail so that I can connect them to the proper people when I am done with my frigging flu or sickness.
As if the company belongs to your dead grandpa! Well even if it is so WHO CARES! I am not well you idiot so go fark a duck!

What a way to start and end the week...the event went chaos at the very first announcement but WHO CARES! The only thing that I would want to immediately take care now is to get over this frigging flu and get on with life. The kids are recovering and that is more important than anything at all...but for me to enjoy being with them I have to recover soon! Fever during weekends are the worst situation that any working father could ever be in!

I am not really that optimistic for 2008 having complete half the month of January but I keep on telling myself those are just spillovers form 2007 blunders created unconsciously by some idiots. Yeah I hope so, the thing is the blunders are effecting the area I am assigned to and the worst part is I am expected to clear things up and make everything looks nice& rosy (as alway...miracle worker who never get the proper reward due to being born as a natural rebel). Like I have mentioned earlier in this blog, I will talk less to everybody around me this year and I will just do whatever I want to do and try to achieve whatever I have set. Yes, come to think about it, it is time for me to be selfish, I have lost much time trying to satisfy everybody and it is just not doing me any good, since I don't have a clue how much longer can I survive this farking disease and since nobody really realize how much I am struggling inside to keep saying "life just have to go on dewd~!", I guess it is about time for me to satisfy my own self.

The other blog that I created for professional & wanna photographers are doing very very well. Too well that I have this negative feeling that people would want to tag along with the glory that comes with it for their own benefit. Even worst - if there no really dedicated and energetic bunch that would move the planned activities for the so called members. I am allowing for some period of cooling down and I'll observe those who are really IN for good or just for kepoh2 only. Afterall it is me who created the platform and the thinking & planning behind it....heheh! Selfish? Yeah! Whatever!!

Tomorrow is Friday....and the day after Friday spells WEEKEND! I need to get well fast and I have been missing the 50mm f1.8 lens too much..will plug it in and see what I can compose from tomorrow onwards...I will spend more time with the kids this weekend. Nothing else.

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