Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Rainy days and nights

Foreigners resting after Isya' prayer -
Masjid Jamek of KL

The ChAPs is progressing well beyond expectation and in some ways it is creating small pressure to me but nevertheless, making it a success is something that I am looking forward to achieve in 2008.

Since Monday, I had to attend full day course in Nikko. Today is the final day but I decided to go back after giving much consideration over lunch time. No I did not go to lunch at all instead I stayed in the room, edited the shots I did last night (which I am posting in this entry) and finally I decided I have had enough of being ridiculed by everybody around me and it is sure is crystal clear that I am not going to get anything that would make me smile by staying in the Zoo anymore.
I have had enough of shit-talks, farking-directive, blardy-acting, ohh my....the acting by some of the bastards....really amazing....fark it....fark it and go to is just clear that I came from the line far away from the elite group or so to say, consisting those who have always been the selected ones to be at in the Zoo.
It is time for me to get myself out of the frigging Zoo and concentrate more on my other journeys.
I should have just stayed home today and looked after Naufal who's not well.....cuz when I am dying I sure as hell am sure the Zoo would not care at all about me so why do I have to bother.....I'll just pray and hope that my kids & family would be there for me insyaAllah....

The difference between a professional photographer and a wannabe (read: ME!) is the pro have better eyes for excellent composition......the shots presented in this entry was the idea of my buddy Rahman Roslan who coached me on getting it perfected.
Yeah it may not be a National Geo kind of quality....but are all the NatGeo shots really of good quality anyway? Google it and go take a peep and you judge it! I just don't quite get it why the fark some people is too obsessed to get their shots published in that section...and lost all their frigging rights to the blardy photo for the rest of their life!!

I think for the coming Maal Hijrah, I will be a much-much-much-much-much quieter person than ever, I will pay more attention to observe & analyze my "subjects" and let others - everybody including you who's reading this - to treat me or bully me as they wish...but I do hope they pray I am not going to lose my temper and show them what am I really made of.....

Happy New Year 1429 H. to all Muslims...

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