Sunday, January 13, 2008


The real truth - I hate competitions. Period.

No matter what form it may come, I just don't have the passion to compete. I'd just do the stuff I am good at or I have the passion to do and achieve what I want to achieve, that's it.

Why am I writing all these? I don't know! Maybe because I am still a bit drowsy of fatigue
...woke up and start preparation at 5am yesterday, from 830am to 630pm went shooting the Jelajah Malaysia race with two established photojournalists in Malaysia. I have to go shoot with the likes of this professional to learn more and improve more in a very short period of time I have.

So, am I satisfied with the outing....hmmm well yes and NO.
I could have got much better shots than what I had. So, I kinda failed... part of the learning.

We have this competition (See! I told you what I did not like didn't I!) every time we go shooting - we'll select who managed to get the best photos of all and who comes second and third...for this one, compared to the other 2, my shots came 3rd. - which reads: loser!
Regardless I am still new, my next outing aim is to move up a notch - 2nd place - "Smack!!" righ there between the 2 of the best professional photographers in this country!

The much dreaded sickness season is back....Naufal was hit with high fever and yesterday Alisya caught it too....will spend more time with them today and the rest of next week.

While other photographers are busy entering competitions and win prices and get their shots published online & offline (without royalty most if not all of it!) Here I am still pushing myself to the limit to get to the level above any average shooters....must make it worthwhile lah!...if not I am wasting time, not only mine but those of my mentors and my family.....

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