Friday, January 18, 2008

Not so warna-ful

So, I went off to Masjid Jamek for Friday prayers today, armed with my old & faithful D70s and 50mm f1.8.
I realized I have no difficulties to spot & compose street subjects - related to poverty, struggle, hardship...the negatives thing you can think of - but even though I have set the theme as WARNA, and there are options to compose, I did not manage to get any!
Mainly because I keep on telling myself "this is not what I want" after spending awhile visualizing what the result may look like....and then I start to ask it really difficult to compose colorful & cheerful shots on the streets of KL or is it just me??
I decided to have a break and do lunch...and went to the place where we ate and took our breather during the last anti-I.S.A. vigil. Yeah...I shot the colorful signboard up there, without even looking into my viewfinder and adjusted the shutter & f-stop based on my gut-feel.

Then I decided to take a walk around the CM area.....still, I fail to compose colorful shots instead I found myself wearing the "Trent Parke's" cap and waited for some subjects to come into my "trap"...

....sheesh...what is my problem!!!

So I took the train back to the Zoo and just for the sake of having some colors in my CF, I shot this one....
....obviously I need more colors in my life!

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