Sunday, December 16, 2007

Just what I need...sheesh!

Lookie lookie....I injured my right hand wrist while trying to force a frigging screw off a flat tyre of the Scenic...on 12-12-2007...and later had to spend Rm600 for a pair of new tyres and all.

I hate flat tyre!! This is the 3rd time in my life experiencing a flat tyre incident.

Apart from that, wasted half a day on Friday trying to "tukar hak milik" but found out there are more than just a form and some money to pay the responsible party, banyak la hal pulak!!
Dammit...I need a spare car and with 2 spares down and lotsa frigging issues to get the rigs legally on the road sick & tired of car maintenance, maybe it is about time to get a motorbike for commuting? Yeah...let's do the math to get a frigging scooter/ mopad whatchamacallit...

The shot was done by a buddy when we went street shooting on Saturday. It was fun, at least I got my min off the frigging car issues.

The theme we decided was "Faces Behind the KL City Scenes".
Some of my shots...

Faces behind the KL CITY

~ Pakcik Shaharudin, from Perak has spent more than 30 years sweeping the streets of KL, earning less than Rm1,500 per month. He's retiring in 2 years time and plan to become a taxi driver then.

~Pakcik Along, a friendly middle aged Malay who is originally from Kajang, sharing his stories having spent 20 years guarding a parking lot in central KL.

Challenged myself to only use a 50mm f1.8 prime lens for this outing.

The thing about having kids cannot find enough time to be with them!
Aliya..erk Neena has been very very close to me these past few weeks. every night she'd be looking for me before bedtime and we'd sing & play together until she finally feels sleepy and dozed off.
First thing in the morning she will do is to look for me. All day long if there's anything that bothers her, she cry out for me.
She's really adorable. That's my baby girl.

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