Sunday, December 02, 2007


Peruvian pan flute artist
Manuel & his flute

All I can wish for everytime I left the towers is I just want to have a good night sleep...seriously I cannot push myself to stay up and read or edit my photography works as I used to earlier this year and seriously I am not sure why. Work at the zoo is as "okay laa" and photography is the way I channel my frustration at the zoo...but now, I cannot seem to find that extra energy & drive to stay up & do more for my photography journey than before and it worries me a bit.

Sometimes it just worries me, doing stuff that I was not really being assigned to do and covering things up for others (and maybe vice versa) but always been marked as the blacksheep of the zoo. It may not be worthy at all to give the best when you know you'd only be getting the gauntlet if anything - at all - goes wrong...and of course you are just going to get the same rating when the time comes....even though you have done more than you were expected to to....and it seems that it is in your KPI that you are also to expect that the stupdidiotas and bastardos to get better than you for just being what they are - stupididiotas & bastardos....and noise that you make will deemed you as "not a team player". When will they F**K O** and D*E....them stupididiotas & bastardos!

Ok, the past 2 paragraphs have been negative....this one is gonna be neutral...coz I do not intend to write enything negative in this paragraph...and I have no positive stuff to put in either!!

December is supposed to be the "winding down" month but it seems like it will be another hectic one for me. Whatever it is, once the 5th round of the fora is done I will put myself to "windind down" mode and take the rest of the leave balance...woohoo!!!

With all the fiasco in the zoo, I just want to end this week and after that I will be free....yeahh freeeeee!!! Which means that I will have more time to hug Neena (ahemm...Aliya has made it clear to all in the house she is to be called Neena!) and do more ultraman wrestling with Alisya & Naufal...and Neena too...and we'll have more time to draw & paint do bubbles....go swimming.....take more photographs....yeahuuuu!!! I cannot wait!!!

Well, in actual fact, it will not really be that easy... for instance, I have about 250 pages of data to "consume" and get a report out by Tuesday....and I don't know what to expecte when I put my feet in the zoo tomorrow, and the day after,mand the next day after that...ohh boy...let's just take it one day at a time Torque!!!

...and here I am still infornt of my Mac.....ok ok I'll start cracking now lah!

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