Saturday, December 08, 2007

Fatigue and restless..what's next lah?

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- A Pol Pot muffler from Cambodia - souvenir from Rahman Roslan recently
- A Han tribe headgear from Vietnam - souvenir from Felic years back
- A Crumpler, a present from me...about a year ago!

Pol Pot |päl ˈpät; pôl| ( c. 1925–98), Cambodian communist leader of the Khmer Rouge; prime minister 1976–79; born Saloth Sar. During his regime the Khmer Rouge embarked on a reconstruction program in which millions were killed. Overthrown in 1979, Pol Pot led the Khmer Rouge in a guerrilla war against the new government.

Why suddenly Pol Pot? Not that I admire this vicious ethnic cleansing killer or what but I got a souvenir from my photographer buddy Rahman who just came back from Cambodia - a
Pol Pot muffler - something that any hardcore photojournalist or perhaps those who knows the history of Cambodia would buy as souvenirs. Cool thing that's nice to be worn especially when it is cold.

Talk about vicious I think I am a bit merciless when I put that Pol Pot muffler on. How come? Well, I am asked to be the project manager for the forum that is currently in progress whi8le this line was written - due to to some circumstances. The venue of the forum is in two hotels in the same building. Rather unique but I don't care about that at all because what I do really care about is when i am spending hundreds of thousands of company fund, I would surely expect the service & whatnots to be the best....of course I can tolerate some errors but when the carelessness is too much coming from a rather prestigious brand in hospitality industry, then they are asking for it.
Anyway, that does not mean I am being vicious to them all the way. Only at that particular point of time. then everything is back top normal - I am the same friendly ole Torque again.

Come to think of it, I am kinda jumpy nowadays with ridiculously incompetent imbeciles...especially if their title is two or three notches above me. One particular idiot got it real bad from me the morning after the incident above. I actually asked him straight to the face whether he is really doing his job or not - and kept him waiting for another 24 hours to get what he asked for. The farking Zookeepeer tried to handle thing s and asked if the request is technically possible - fark off...don't talk about technical shit with me if you don't want to be butchered and fed to your own pigs you idiot. Action speaks louder than words, so they have to wait for a day until I decided to release the audio shit they wanted...and I am going to make sure the bastard dlivers what is expected of he'll get it from me really really teruk from this one..and he'llnot goin to be in the list from now on - I will call the writers I prefer and if they cannot make it, no writer is needed around the session at all because we'll be writing...Heck we wrote better stuff than those imbeciles anyways!

The weekend is flying off fast...I still cannot get the bloody gearbox issue settled and the grant for the farking Persona is still lost..had to spend almost Rm1k to rent as car for for the family members coming for holiday....

I REALLY DESERVE A CALM & QUIET HOLIDAY....only with my kids & wifey.

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