Sunday, November 11, 2007

Twin Rainbows weekend....

Well.....since Mama is already back from Beijing, and Saturday was rainy and dedicated for the Saujana Impian OpenHouse....

So, the first thing that we did on Sunday was to get a good to BangiKopiTiam! One of ouor favorite place for a decent meal - anytime of the day but mainly for breakfast or supper (TT with the photographer dudes normally!)

Shot on a Sony Alpha100 with Minolta 75-300mm...
Waiting for their orders to arrive

Aliya, Mama, Alisya & Naufal waiting for their foods

Probably... no ...definitely the handsomest customer around!

Yeshhhh!! Finally!! Gggruubbbbss!

ALIYA & her fresh "popok" (keropok)

Aliya is really a cheeky baby...suka menyakat. Here she's clowning around with Mama who's trying to enjoy the delicious Nasi Dagang...owh Aliya loves Nasi Dagang too...

Ohohohoh!!! Lookie lookie! Somebody is sleepy!!

....not this girl though...she can stay awake until the wee hours in the morning, always finding reasons to argue why she is awake..or doing something that "looks important" so that she can stay awake!

After a good breakfast, the kids decided to go to a playground with off we go!
The same playground they have been visiting since they were couple of months old...and now they have almost overgrown the playground!

When they first came to this playground, we had to lift them up to these swings...


Naufal trying the crunch.....heheh, obviously he can do it pretty easily.

Aliya & Mama...trying the same ol see-saw

Ok babes! Time to go home!!

The afternoon was spent mostly in the house...becaus it was rainy...only towards the end of the day, the kids had the chance to go out and play with their neighybourhood friends....

I was half asleep at at the sliding door when Baby Aliya slam-dunked my tummy....and then she looked outside started to say "Bubbles! Bubbles!! Yeaaayyy!!"

I looked out and saw something - RAINBOW!!

Ran up to my room to get the D70s and kitlens....and here it is....

Naufal came to me while I was clicking..."Ayah ayah! Ada dua rainbow ayah!"
He was right!!! I did not realize that! I recompose and took whatever I could

For the first time in my life, I saw a double rainbow...and it was the first time in my life to photograph rainbow....what a weekend...

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