Monday, November 05, 2007

Paper Swans (fly me to Beijing can?)

Paper of origami.
Something that I have always wanted to try but just finally
managed to produce my first foldings!
How I wish I can have more time to write....many things happenned....but I have not enough time to post it here.

The reason I finally forced myself to try the art of paper folding (origami) is because my cute wifey is now in Beijing for a trip and I have to find new stuff to amaze my kids (ohh boy the twins are really demanding and they can reason very well in anyu arguments nowadays!!)
...since I have always been wanting to try origami, I thought this is the best time to put my creativity into play (yet again?)...., the swans were the first 3 foldings I did for Aliya, Naufal & Alisya!
More to come kids!!!

We sent Mama to KLIA and let the kids have it a go at the playground in the effort to let their mind astray for a while. This is the first time for Aliya to be in a distance from far, so good (for Aliya, dunno about Mama in Beijing lah!!!)

The weekend went well but I wish it could be better. While I wrote this Alisya is sleeping on my bed, with mild fever and cough. She's supposed to be on a field trip comes morning but I'll have to see how her condition is after Subuh today. On the other hand I have to be breifing some BASF gwai-lo in the morning too....hmm..may be I'll take the day off if Alisya is still not feeling well.

Starting tomorrow, I will be shutterbugging again after some time....have to train the eyes & brain for better composition without using the DSLR.....or in my own term "gersang seni" works so far, after couple of days of weeks of "gersang seni" the eyes & mind seem to be able to help me to compose better.....2008 is supposed to be "the year"..have to work harder nih!!

..but now...sleep!!

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