Thursday, November 22, 2007

Machu-Picchu Mari....

The only thing that I look forward in this round of forum was to shoot some images of Farouk & Manuel. They performed marvelously!!!
They are really cool....performing contemporary to traditional numbers assisted by a minus-one. The only minus apart from the minus-one is the crowd (in this case a big bunch of "leaders" both young and seasoned) is kind of clueless when it comes to appreciating real talents and work of arts. Not all but major mass nonetheless. The lost is theirs anyway....their choice!

Some people have ot massive issue when it comes to following instruction - simple instruction - even though they are supposedly "leaders" which means they may have subordinates and they would surely expect the subordinates to be able to follow their instruction.

Some people have the mindset of expecting everybody to treat him/ her as King/ Queen...they demand the best and expect the best and will bitch if they get something less then they expect. They are like that simply because they belong to a company that have been giving them more that what the others out there would give them. Infact some of them have been getting more than what they are actually deserving to have and still refuse to realize that they are worthless and are just nuisance to the younger and more highly capable people who has been denied access to better position because it is filled by idiots like them!

Whatever it is a fun to observe these bunch of idiots...and keep on reminding ourself not to be like them one day

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