Monday, November 19, 2007

Helloween weekend

(Future World....hheheheh!)
Last Saturday, we started the day early....especially Alisya. I took her for a bicycle ride (she does the cycling on her bike, I walk!) from the house to her kindergarten...then to the playground.
One lap of the field on foot, then cycle on the court for a couple of rounds then back home.
Yeap...exercise for Alisya....and me also lah! Never too late to start..better now then never!

Then...the other two joined us. We did a big round of our housing area. The kids saw this Morris and they became excited and though that it looks like Mr Bean's car....well, almost....Rowan drives a Mini Minor but this is a Morris Minor....same difference!

Then we went to the playground and the kids sweat it out for almost 90minutes. Aliya is confident with the slides & some other stuff at the playground.
Ohh my...the kids grew up playing in the same playground...I can still recall the days when I took the twins for their morning walk at the same spot..and now Aliya is being taught by the twins to climb the stairs of the slide and all....time is really flying away!

Mama's masterpieces...I can proudly say no other cupcakes can match Mama's - in quality and taste and design.


In the afternoon, we went to Amir's place for Layla's 5th B-day party....Helloween Theme....

Our Butterfly Princess

Our little ballerina.....she won't sit still and was very "user friendly to everyone....

Naufal was supposed to be Batman but I think it was a bit too hot for him to comfortably put on his masks all the time.....nevertheless, they had a great time!
We then went to Uncle Kamar's...been too long sice we last been there......

On Sunday, we had a late start but made the best of what we had for the rest of the day......slightly beore noon we shoot off to Alamanda...
Yep.....indoor playground for the kids....and I got to try out the Canon EOS 300D of Kimster (pinjam form him to make myself familiar with more than just one camera system)
Macam baby koala la pulak Kakak!!

Naufal taking a breather

What surprised me was this....Kakak & Aliya & even Naufal can easily make friends with the kids at the playground. Kakak even helped this baby to the slides! Aliya assisted her too!

...and being a cheeky baby, Aliya will always has something in mind to amuse everybody around her....tu kononnya tgh merajuk laa tu....but in the end she stood up laughing and running.

During bedtime, I had to do a round of "Sang Kancil" - their "preferred" version - with pelakon tambahan: Monkey, the kids themselves and props that include a fire engine, treehouse....some other stuff and believe it or not - buah durian (don't ask me, they are just too creative!)

The trick is to end the story by making Sang Kancil telling them to sleep.....something like as if they are there with Sang Kancil.....and for Aliya, she will insist on a round of Twinkle2Little Star before she decides whether to doze off or continue bullying me until she's finally sleepy........the next morning they will wake up and go straight to my room looking for me!

Starting last weekend...this little lady has got this idea to call herself Neena
(maybe from her second name - Irdina)

"What is your name baby?"
Instead of the usual "Aaiiya (Aliya)" or "Eeiya" she'd yell out loud "Neena! Neena!"
She won't budge an inch at times when we call her Aliya!
It has to be Neena - then only she'll respond!

I have to lead a forum in another hotel from Tuesday until Thursday...and that is a big issue for me and the kids - because there will not be Sang Kancil & the fire engine story for 3 nights nd for Aliya@Neena, there will be no Twinkle2Little Star for her...
I am definitely going to miss the kids......they cannot follow me this time because the twins are having their yearly assessment at the kindy.....will take the Friday off and I look forward to another great weekend with them....
....I'll see you on Thursday my babies....

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