Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Waterfront revisited

The Penambang boatThe penambang boat used to be more colorful with Sarawak flag being part of the decoration.

After 3rd day of Eid, as always - the boredom starts to creep in. For myself at least. I just need 2 days to visit the relatives and have a feast on rendang & ketupat etc etc. Comes 3rd day, I will get bored rather easily. Especially when scores of visitors flood the house and majority of them knows me not. The worst would be the late night visits. I just cannot accept visitors during twilight hours, for the sake of Maghrib prayers & definitely I don't want to have any visitors after 930pm....and that is what I totally dislike about the male school friends who year in year out seems to have this preference of visiting wifey in the late evening. This year is the same. Since I don't really want to voice my concern for others to respect my position as the husband and furthermore this only happens once a year (I seriously hope so) so I made the choice to do something more meaningful and beneficial for myself & my babies like taking them out for a spin and snack at the city center until I think the time is about right to "reclaim" the house - when it is more peaceful & quiet to be called home.

When the time is right I will buy a decent house, in Kuching and I will decide who will be our visitors and at what time. I am all for family privacy, always. Nothing matters more than having quality hours to spend with my babies.

Sometimes the Eid celebration is really being taken out of proportion - instead of treating it as a Muslim festive to be celebrated in the path of Islam, many take it as a traditional celebration - side-lining the rules & teachings of Islam. I am not saying I am a totally good Muslim but whatever I do I try my best to do is "as Muslim as possible".

Look around us. Are we really celebrating Eid as what Muslims should?

When everything else fails, I will just go out and shoot!

Waterfront Bazaar

The Astana

The Kuching Waterfront

Fort Margarita

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