Friday, October 05, 2007

Light, smoke & shadow...and stupid Malays

Golden citizen and her satay stall
Hmmm....why do I feel like as if it has been a month almost since my last entry - BAD! REALLY BAD! Ehehe! Sorry la my blogsite, I am too occupied with other things, have been wanting to update but only now I have the time to do so.

Sunray and smokeEntering the bazar, exiting the sunray
Look what I bought!Golden citizen and her satay stall

There was an outing with SFCS crowd - Ramadhan @ Chowkit. Actually malas nak turun but in the in "terturun" sebab the cool people invited me and insist for me to be there. Well, I did manage to frame some really satisfying shots.....more improvements, another notch up, yet more to go though!
Shot with Rahman - the guy who'll be with the best Photojournalists & War Photographers of the World, thank you to his very professional coach - Shamshahrin @ ImageMaker. It is a blessing for me to be their buddies even though my skills and capabilities is nowhere close to them. A privillege.
Every outing, teh tarik will be filled with learnings. They have achieved so much in their field, andmore to come insyaAllah!

Tudung Merchant

We have surpassed the middle of Ramadhan....and that means, the end is coming closer. It is a joy to have my kids around during ifthar....we'll sit down together regradless they were fasting or not (well they are still babies!) Aliya is fond of the azan. She'd hug me and try her best to immitate the verses from the TV every time Maghrib arrives. Cute. Very! Eidul fitri is going to be fun this year insyaAllah!

I cannot understand why some Muslim adults just can't seem to respect Ramadhan. Today, while walking the mall over lunch break I saw a couple sitting and chatting casually while having a cuppa at StarBux....Malay, definitely....Melayu Modern....anak siapa la agaknya ek?
I would not let my kids to be like them, never.

What is happening to kids nowadays? In my teenage days, we used to have full session rugby training & taekwondo training during Ramadhan....hmmm...I gues that is why it is easier to find FAGGOT CUT clothings than a real man cutting like we used to have back then....right?

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