Monday, September 24, 2007


It is another Ramadhan. The first for Aliya. We went back to Kampung on the first day of Ramadhan. It has been months since we last balik kampung. Tok Mak & Tok Abah will spend Ramadhan & a few days of EidulFitri in Makkah so we were there to send them to JB where they will join the congregation for a bus ride into Singapore before they board the flight in Changi.
Since it has been months from our last balik kampung, the relatives were just happy and surprised to see how well Aliya has progressed...she'd probably the chubbiest baby in the family at her age....and "user friendly".

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Alisya & Naufal preferred to stay at home (their definition of kampung is the house of Tok Mak & Tok Abah) and that means we only go out with Aliya most of the time.

One intersting thing about Ramadhan in Segamat would be the Bazaar Ramadhan. Yeah I know every other place has this but we have our favorite dishes & beverage available here....because I am sure you cannot find Air katira anywhere else in Malaysia.
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The kids met their cousins and they had fun.

Of course, the hardest part was when it was time to say bye-bye to Tok Mak & Tok Abah. They will be spending more than a month in Makkah and that means we will celebrate eid without them until the 4th day of Eid. Well, they have been wanting to do this for so many years and since the last attempt did not went well due to Tok Abah's bad cough, this time thy are really going to enjoy their stay there insyaAllah.

The congregation met at masjid Sultan Abu Bakar JB. It has been at least 25 years since I last ever been there!!! Of course I took the opportunity to take some shots to preserve the moments.

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The other opportunity I took was to actually tell Mak & Abah that I love them so much. I don't know when was the last time i ever said that to them but most probably it was way way waaaaayy back, years ago. So, I kinda released some pressure off my self, I have always wanted to say that verse especially since we have Alisya & Naufal in the family. It took Aliya's presence to make me feel guilty enough to hold it back thus I just did it.

As for Alisya, Naufal & Aliya, I would say I love you to each of them everyday and they will reply back and at times they will give me a big hug too.
Hopefully they will continue to do it forever!

My good buddy Rahman Roslan has made his first big achievement in the world of professional photojournalism. He will be in cambodia with the best photojournalists, war photographer of the world soon to undergo a special workshop for selected few. all the best to you buddy!

The news about adik Nurin Jazlin is really really disturbing. My sincere condolences to the family. I am not going to say much since there are so many loose ends if you read the news and blogs but what I really want to see happening is the bastardo who did this to be caught and be guvenb the proper punishment in this world and for the hereafter, may the bastardo earn eternal damnation.

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