Tuesday, August 07, 2007

What a cold day in the office....

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Shot this one yesterday part of the collection of
"Tales of the Shadows" series

There natural lighting yesterday quite bad so I decided to go for artificial lighting. Frankly, I am not satisfied with the result above but that will just be there as a reminder for me to keep on improving. Can hardly wait for my Sigma 70-300mm APO DG MACRO to be out from the "hospital" after more than 2 months! The coming weekend should be interesting, gonna shoot some street scenes with the photojourno-duo...and maybe CheMat might be joining too...a massive privilege to shoot with them. Have to push harder to speed up the learnings.....

My buddy Rahman, taking a breather after we shot some
wildlife during a recent contest...we use the same DSLR,
and kitlense and the 70-300 lens (mine still being serviced!)

I'd rather be out shooting but the lighting is not that "supportive"....so. here I am, in a very very cold office but hati ada sikit panas laa definitely (the posting below)....kau penat2 tekel anak org, spent God know how much from the beginning until today, made beautiful babies,
and somebody else is mistakenly associated to be the husband! Ahahahh!
Annoying mistake I should say but I will not tolerate such mistake - being a sensitive person who does not know how much longer I can survive the bloody disease, I will not tolerate it at all!
Yeah dammit I do realize I am toofat & ugly to be the fathers of my beautiful baby and husband to a beautiful lady but....dammit, I was once very very very good looking too! Ahahahah!

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That's me, the owner of this blog, husband to the owner of
- shot by Ian Ahmad

I really hate it when people push me around and make smart remarks as if I am a bloody stupid creature who knows not what I am capable of doing. They are just lucky I have decided to absorb everything and fart if off at the end of the day....else they'd be riding an ambulance to the closest ICU. I am just glad I bring packed lunch (thanx to my lovely wifey) so I don't have to listen to any fancy talks and corporate-ish-shitly-discussions through lunch time...
....ohh and I just don't have the moolah to plonk at posh eateries every lunchtime.....I can only afford mamak & gerai tepi jalan....heck I have not even bought any new pair of pants for 3 years already! Ahahah!
Enough with the politics & other farking antics, I just want to complete my job and go home to my kids. You idiots can go on nagging & cutting each others farking throats and bucket all the rewards you ever wished for and shove it up your blardy farking arsses.
I am not going to be bothered with what you bunch of ambitious farkers have achieved in this farking zoo....useless pigshits.....Ahh!! Go fark it la I don't want to spoil my concentration on my personal journey. Small thing. Annoying but small....BUT STILL FARKING ANNOYING!

3 more hours and I am out of this farking cold zoo.

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