Thursday, August 30, 2007


The Merdeka advertisement carries some deep rooted messages - every year - and this year it is about something that many of us have been taking for granted. I stayed up this late (well actually I slept for about 2-3 hours before I woke up and do some work) and extracted this from one of the recent part of the speech content to one of the vicepres for an upcoming event. It just made me think, what I have gone through all these years are starting to make more sense. Coupled that up with the course by John Kotter which I attended just couple of days back (will write something about it soon insyaAllah), I am more confident that the journey I am in will not just be about this organization I am in. The organization is just part of the "stage", part of the overall composition (there you go - a photographer's approach to explain about real life!!).

....and for the first time in my life working in this organization, I realized that finally I can boldly say I am much capable and smarter than many of the people with positions & privileges tagged to their title.

Time. That's all the explanation that I can offer. Elaboration of that, well you have to read more books from the good Professor Kotter and really understand what the content is trying to say....or you can buy me a cuppa and we can have a good conversation on this topic....

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