Monday, August 06, 2007

Life @ The Park

I received a SMS from Shamshahrin late Saturday evening inviting me to join his team (which includes himself, Rahman Roslan and a Brazilian photog- Eduwardo) for a contest in Putrajaya - a one day shoot out.

Was a bit reluctant to join in the first place - prefer to spend time with my babies on Sundays.....but after thinking about it, I finally replied and agreed to join them.....after all it is a huge privilege to shoot with a group of really established professionals and this being the first time to join a photography contest, what better way could it be than being with this group?

Anyway, it went all day long. Started off once the organized announced the theme of the contest. We planned our shots, do quick note & sketch then we go shoot!
At the end of the day, NONE of us won anything (AHAHAHAAH!!!) which is fair because not even one of the more established & more experienced photographers who has won titles abroad was mentioned in the final list.

Am not surprised at all...since the winner of the contest shot something that is not really the acceptable to any professional photographer....and the sad side was - the rule mentioned NO EDITING is to be done....but hoards of them did something to their shots their was almost like you are in a Photo Editing Contest, every corner you'll see a photog wannabe busy editing their stuff!

No laa I am not complaining because my shot was not selected! Ahahah!

Frankly, I never like contest/ competition after al but what amazed me was how people are going to the extreme just to get a prize....up to he extent of actually cheating and being dishonest....hmm?

Whatever it is...the outing was fun and fruitful - we learn new stuff...and I was quite surprised when Che Mat mentioned that he likes my thread on "Tales of The Shadow"....."mocking" me as "...our very own Trent Parke"...ahahah I take that as a compliment & recognition...especially when it came from a person who's lecturing and a master in photography!

Since Tok Mak & Abah are in town, we had to cancel our trip back to kampung. Unfortunately, the weekends after this have been booked with my photography activities, so it will be a challenge to find a weekend for balik kampung unless I we take leave either on Monday of Friday...I want to spend more time in kampung if possible. The blardy city and the creatures in this farking zoo is really taking it's toll on me.
Farking annoying.
Came into office this morning and I can almost immediately feel my heart shrinking...but it will be much bigger and happier once I am back home later today - as always!
I will not care much about what's going on the floor except for the part I am supposed to do & being held responsible.
As for the rest of the time in this zoo, it would be for my personal development & future business. Am not going to be a stupid idiot to work hard for the benefit of the farking heartless animals in this zoo.
If people want to progress and impress the bloody leaders, that's theirs to decide. I have much better things to take care of than trying to impress stupid leaders & stepping on each other's farking feet along the way. Farking idiots.

I just want to obey my God and live the rest of my life happier than any average being on this floor!

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