Thursday, August 09, 2007

I just love being the Ayah to my kids!

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Recent conversation with Alisya & Naufal:

Me: Kakak...what do you wanna be when you grow up?
Alisya: Hmmm...tulis-tulis (scribbled something on the air with her hands as if she's writing) Ayah...I wanna tell a story about a princess...
Me: Ohhh!! Kakak nak jadi writer yerr??
Aliysa: Yes! Yes! I wanna be a writer (and she started talking in her "slang" telling me about that princess story....)
Me: Ohhhh....pandai laa kakak niii...very good!! Naufal, tell me what do you wannabe when you grow up?
Naufal: I chickendance! (the kids hv been practicing this for their playschool's open day - which is coming soon..and guess who's been hired as the official photographer??!!)
Me: HUH?!!!!! What?? Owhhh...eheheh!! Chicken dance!! Ahahaha.....ok ok....Naufal dah besar nanti nak kerja kat mana? (I was expecting KLCC as that has always been his standard answer everytime!)
Naufal: Hospital. Naufal nak kerja hospital (which came as a surprise to me!!)
Me: mean you wanna be a doctor?
Naufal: Yes! Yes! Doctor! (started to pretend as if he's inspecting me with his stetoscope)
Me: Good boy!! Very good boy!!!

Heheh! Cute! Doctor - std answer for most kids la kan but who knows, insyaAllah Naufal!
Writer?!! Hehehe! Uncle Kimster, you got a protege!
...we talked a bit after that and after some final rounds of "Oobie", they finallly dozed off hugged by me...and guwe pun terlelap baaek punyer, dgn belum mandi lagi!!

...woke up at 3am and cleaned up a bit, did some prayers and then started to do some stuff on the Mac.

The next morning after I have finished bathing Naufal, I was drying Alisya with her towel when she took me by surprise:

Alisya: Thank you ayah...ayah mandikan Alisya!
Me: Huh?! Hheheh! U r welcome baby (kissed her forehead)
Alisya: (giggles)...nanti Kakak jaga ayah yek...
Me: Aaah? Kakak nak jaga ayah bila kakak dah besar?
Alisya: Iye...kakak jaga ayah bila kakak dah besar (giggles)
Me: Eheheh...thank you Alisya! Good girl baby ayah ni! Sayang baby ayah (hugs)
Alisya: (gigles) U r welcome ayah!

As I always said....whatever mess I hv to deal with those filthy creatues at the zoo, in the end of the day, I will be the only champion!

I love my babies so much!

Hmmm....I wonder how would it be when Aliya can speak properly....mesti best!
For now, she still calls me Mama and occasionally Daddy!!

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