Sunday, July 22, 2007

Tales of the shadows

It is rewarding in getting the target you set being achieved due to your own commitment and determination. When I started the "shadow experiment" I actually told my self this would probably be on of the toughest experiment I would have done, it is. But Alhamdulillah, those nights of studying the works of Trent Parke and the likes, discussing methods & ideas with aspiring phtographers alike...I think I managed to achieve my target much sooner than expected. However, it does not stop here.....

All weekend I have spent my time being very very close with baby Aliya. Infact, on both Saturday & Sunday I would be there when she woke up. Take her for a morning spin and do stuff together. Nothing more important and beatutiful than being able to spend your time with your kids. I wish weekend lasts for 5 days and we only work for 2 days a week instead.

On the last sentence from the paragraph above - why do we dedicate almost 70% of our life in a week to people who just want to take all the credits & rewards for their own benefit and at every end of the cycle we'd fin oourselves in a pool of dishearthened employees who has delivered more than the rest but being treated as scumbags? Why? Because cest-la vie? Cest-la vie your foot! Dudes & dudedettes, take control of your future. It may not be in the cubicle you are working never is actually! There's a bigger world out there!

All the while, I have been trying to improve my compositions & capabilities in photography all for but one simple reason - I have to take control of my future. As simple as it may sound,what triggers it is an ugly reality and complexity that I wish would have never exist in this world. Simply put, sometimes you have to accept the reality that people who knows Jack Schitt would be better off then people who humbly and sincerely work their stuff for the beneit of the organizatioin at large. Jack Shitt will only take care of his Schitt and those who wants to please his Schittiness. The zooleader has gone too far this time and he's getting some Schitt alright. Soon. Together with the bunch of Schittiness lovers in the zoo. If soon does not happen, there is always the later, the Hereafter. You know what the good book says about the prayer of those who has always "teraniaya", see you in hell zookeeper & farking bitch...owhh wat a second, I would not be seeing you farkers there cuz hell is not my destination of choice!! I bet it would be an enjoyable sight seeing you all being burnt without mercy.....can't wait for that moment....

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