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In search of ideas

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Senior citizen with his ticket
One of the latest shots from my "Tales of the Shadows" serie


For the past couple of days, Alisya, Naufal & Aliya seems to be more "manja" than usual, with me. I do not know why but I believe this may due to my "renewed commitment to life" - totally placing my family above everything else....


....for example, yesterday I actually walked out in the middle of a presentation...well the preso has actualy already supposed to end but the monkeyberuks & pigbabis of the zoo who are always crazy for airtime - they just have to say someting to make them look "incredibly intelligent" - were busy hogging airtime. So, I just stood up and went straight for the door. What I am saying is just I will not talk much to those monkeyberuks & pigbabis but I'll just do what is necessary to deliver what is expected of me and maybe something more just for the sake of personal development.


~2070729 7:55am Pelita Jln Ampang

The thing about trying your best to be the best, is sometimes you'll find yourself looking for the "What's next?" for quite a while. I have been in this situation for X (big X!!) amount of time throughout my life and recently I founnd myself at the same junction again. When I managed to do some shots similar to some international level photographers (from my point of view & some other Professional point of views at least), I found me asking myself the "What's next?" question again. The beauty of it - since this time it is about photography - the "What's next?" can be addressed quite fast & convincing, especially with the help of the professionals and the advanced level shooters alike.

I am not saying I am totally very sure of my journey, no.....but definitely I am not totally clueless of my destination.

My photos may not hv been ranked in any of the sites I use to host them up, nor has any of it being highly commented & applauded by "pro-photogs wannabe" but it has been getting some attention and thumbs-up from some real pro-photogs lately....and for me that is a convincing sign already. So, the best I can do is to move forward and continue to do the best I possibly can. InsyaAllah.


Here I am sitting alone in this restaurant waiting for my roti sardin kuah dal banjir. It is a rainy Sunday morning (aaarghhh! I need the golden lights please!) but I was fully awake at 5:30am and just eager to get into action....hoping to be able to re-create some of my sketches into my DSLR.

There's a bunch of people (big bunch) who's supposed to be here at 8am due to an outing they planned....and I think I just saw them. Hehehe!

No, I don't actually plan to shoot with them but I am here to help them to get some clearence to shoot. Hopefully they will gain something valuable from the outing they planned. InsyaAllah.


The outing went ok. Not really my interest to shoot models or pose in the park but nothing wrong wtih joining the crowd. Since the sun was not there, so the next best thing was just to join the crowd and shoot the models!

They were cool, eager to learn and try stuff and some came really equipped with cool equipments!

I shot mainly on my prosumer class.

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One of the very few shots....


Rushing to deliver some cupcakes, I finally made it to KL Sentral later in the afternoon to swoop some shadows shots. Here...some of the shots I managed to compose...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketEntering the lights
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketTales of the Shadows


I wrote this while sitting in a discussion with the zooleader on MF'07/'08 design....believe it or not after 1hour and 10 minutes....and after occasional snores & table-tapping, we are still going in circles. Am not surprised...since the paper was designed more to fit in buddy-buddy interests...not about the organization at, after having enough of the bullshit I finally decided I have to drop the bomb "politely", stating that there is no clear link from whatever the team has put on paper and have been discussing for the past hour.....blardy hell...what a waste of time.

The zooleader agreed - to my surprise. He quickly say he's about to surface the same concern - well, I am not surprised, all the glory is for that farking idiot to claim anyway.


I am going out of this meeting room for a brain is too precious to be messed-up by incomplete work of these monkeyberuks....they have all the bananas for the rewards year in year out and yet they are just so stupid to do a decent job...we are really feeding the monkeyberuks too much already.


Almost weekend. Great! We are going balik kampung this weekend....long time since we last did that. Really looking forward to this weekend...


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