Monday, July 09, 2007

Idiots on the top helm of the organization read it right.

I have my own very valid reason to conclude that. Hear me....

The MAD'07 was designed & executed by a bunch of highly capable & clever lunatics (ehem!) who have the ability to think and to execute (not just think & talk-cock) things from end to end - out side of the stinking box. For the same reasons, the bunch of dudes involved were the same one who managed to set a blueprint and launch a company years ago - whatever happenned to that company is totally out of the equation since the same dudes were refused the rights to intervene in whatsoever means available....not even allowed to questions the decisions of the gorillas who took the helm of that spin-off company.

But to cut it short - we don't really care that much - they can do what they want, cuz it's their neck at the end of the day - Resurrection day that is!

Now back to the story I am trying to tell....

The MAD'07 was a success - it shouldbe if not why the hell would the Second Biggest Guy went to the control desk and congratulate each & every one of the executive in charge...not to say the words from the Biggest-est Guy - as told by the other leaders throughout the proceedings until the ned of the event where he witnessed how the team handled a really critical tech-glitch under pressure...and delivered!

OK..those were just "making me feel good" statements. In short - we did VERY well. NO QUESTIONS AT ALL!

...but...when I am back in the zoo today, I was asked to do another miracle (FYI, my middle name for the past 12 years in the zoo is - Miracle Worker whohasnevermadeitpastthemanagementlineandstill

gladly took it as another day in the office and comes Wednesday
I will be presenting some analytics to the zooleaders....nothing much of a challenge actually, since I was nevere an above average performer regardless whatever miracles I have shoved up the arsses of the farking leaders for years, it is just another day in the office....sure, the above average arsekissers would be able to deliver the same (YEAH RIGHT!!! they cud not NEVER do it, not without 6 months delay and in the end asking the miracle worker to sort it out in 2 days!!)....yeah, pretty much like any other day in the office actually, nothing that challenging for an average performer, shooting Street Life is more challenging lah!

What pissed me off was as I was trying to figure out the quickest way to get the analytics done (figure crunching coordination...hv to give the proper instructions and design proper template for the secretaries to use...if I don't want to end up with a bundle of chaos tomorrow!) I read comments that I do not expect to come from anybody holding a title at that level....comments on room & facilities not being the best, and such - the nitty-gritty shit that you should not expect from a LEADER for crying out loud! .

I don't mind if they commented on how the external speakers did or what could have been better to be included in the agenda instead of the very capable figures we managed to get to present....

....NOT about the room they slept in with their bitches were not as comfortable as they expected it to be!! Farking idiots!

Why do we keep them as leaders anyway?!

I don't know, honestly!

...but what I do know, next round of the same event, I will insist all feedback forms to be filled will have the names of the bastards involved....then I can really do a detailed analysis whether they have delivered what is expected of them in the first place and compare it to their personal preferences of "bedroom comfortability".... your position and perks you are having: We do not pay you to sleep comfortably anyway mister!!

Missing of the shot I did in an outing with some Pro-Photojournalists woudl be fun if we can replace the "Missing" man with images of the brain of those idiotas I mentioned above...aye?

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