Monday, July 16, 2007


The days that went by since last updates were very very hectic. It is a challenging unit to be in but that’s not news anymore. Fun. That is all that matters...but today a shocking "finding" made me really really pissed to give my best to the team. Somehow , the lazybums pigs and those who always "escape" and never get to do all the dirty work - which includes missing weekends with family, sleep for 2-3 hour s a day for a straight week to deliver the best possible to the organization - get the best of the reward available. And the ones who did the most are "allowed" second best and average reward.


No use talking about the farkers and anaksharams......they can get richer and richer as they wish.
To each, his own. From this moment onwards!

So now let us just move on to talk about other stuff than work.


The kids are growing and growing. Aliya is really turning into a cheeky & cunning girl. She’s very playful and where we bring her, she’ll the natural the attention of people around. One thing I sense about Aliya, she’s the “mengalah type” to a certain extent. Yeah she’ll “demand” for stuff when she wants but when it involves the other siblings, she seems to understand that Alisya & Naufal has different “background” and she (Aliya) has to allow the siblings for a tad more “privilege”. Nevertheless they all get along together very fine. They love each other so much. They wud do almost everything together…..except for movies. Yeah movies. Alisya & Naufal has been going to the cinema. The latest would be TRANSFORMERS. Kesian juga when we have to leave Aliya with the maid everytime we get to enjoy the movies but as I mentioned above, Aliya seems to understand the situation very much, she’d happily wave us beybeyh (bye-bye) and give us her version of flying kisses.

She’s a gem. We love her so much.


I have been spending most of my photography activities with ImageMaker & RahmanRoslan nowadays. Reason being - if you wanna be the best, you gotta work like the best, be with the best.

NO, I don't want to be the best, I just wanna get teh best out of me and than we'll see how we can move from there on! (Not a being a pessimist at all but just a realistic ambition that!)

The last outing was actually the first outing with them - they decided to shoot with me so that they can "study how I make my images". So far, so what? This is what - I have 1 month and a half to complete a portfolio and submit it to one od the leading photojourna agency of the world (yeap open to all but being asked by a real pro to do it means a lot more to me - sometimes we just do not see what are we capable to do and need a push from somebody else, in my case it came from a pro - established pro....that should mean something at least!

Like RahmanRoslan said to me: GO Torque GO!!! I know I am not just a "syok sendiri perasan bagus" kinda photographer.....Alhamdulillah.


If there is one part of the housing area that really matters much for the family it would be the the children's playground. Quite recently, there neighborhood organized a session to clean up the playground. I was there (well, ,after much nagging from my lovely wifey! Eheheh!) with my boy Naufal....literally we cleared the lot - the two of us.....and I took some shots of it....

(Insert image here)

Couple of days later, this is what we get:

(will post up later)

So much about living with civilized human beings...the kids & parents o the kids who made this mess should be living with the llamas, not humans!

I was told today that my leadership rating was given a low score by the Zooleader.

Tsk! Tsk! Tsk! Why should I bother? His brain is filled with pigshit anyway!!

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