Thursday, June 28, 2007

Aaargh!! Write more!!!

3000 Imams visiting Skybridge
Some of the 3000 Imams visitng the skybridge...
shot on Fuji SS film using Nikon F50 with 50mm f1.8

The problem with having a big passion in something is you might be neglecting another passion that you have been doing all these years. I am talking about my photography and blog. I seem to have not allocated fair time to the blog compared to photography. I carry either the DSLR of the Pro-sumer class camera everyday but I don't write as much as I used to for the blog compared to the earlier days. This has to stop. It has to stop NOW.

I have been busy with the new unit (already 4 moths!) and it has been quite a challenge to find time to compose - in this bog or on my cameras - but I am not complaining, this is the best unit I could have ever been assigned to (eBSS aside!). The are glitches here and there but still within the tolerable variance. Frankly, I would not prefer to be on this zoo if I am not in the current unit I am in.

Am going to start showcasing my shots more frequently after this...and will write more...

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