Friday, May 11, 2007

Street Life...V1.5

Couple of my latest shots...took this one in less than 5 minutes after I had lunch with Shamshahrin (a photojournalist).....saw the subject on my way back to office, did not take much time to pull out my 70-300 "lens cap itik", smiled to the subject and nodded (for approval to shoot)...and the shutter went to work....

Machaa Selling Kacang on the street side

We used to have mamak selling kacang putih on old Raleigh bicycle with big heavy tin carriage on the back. This particular machaa is the closest I can get to that original version! (Would really love to shot the original if I ever found the subject!).

Even though he is "orang kurang upaya" he still tries his best to earn a proper living......kudos Machaa!

Next time I saw you I'll buy something from you - was rushing back for a meeting did not have the opportunity to talk to the Machaa.
Machaa Selling Kacang on the street side

It has become my "natural" habit to carry my beloved DSLR (and some other stuff!) with me everyday - almost everywhere I go I'll have the DSLR with me all the time. Maybe I am just taking this passion too seriously? Well, it is doing me no harm so why not!
Have been frequenly visitng the likes of NatGeo, MagnumPhotos, FredMiranda to see what the world famous professionals works are like and try to "emulate" the learnings and translate it in my own ways.
As I have mentioned, one of my favorite subject would be street life.....and I will always try to find time (and excuses!) to go out there and literally "hunt" for an interesting subject. Sometime I can get it within 30minutes outing, sometimes I will get nothing worth keeping for a whole day attempt! That is just something that I have to learn to accept. Some professionals that I knew spent months at a location (far away from home) just to get the subject they want. They have to - it is their bread and butter anyway! In my case, I can allocate certain amount of time and commitment to improve myself and do the best out of that allocation. Am not a professional - not sure if I ever gonna be one (or really wanna be one for the sake of argument!) but one thing for sure, I think I have finally found out what I want to do when I retire...insyaAllah.

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