Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Street Life...

For the past few weeks, I have been struggling to find my way in photography (yet again?!) because I think I am not utilizing my photography-toys good enough to bounce and leap my way to become a better photographer.
Then I took a step back and reflect....why am I in a rush? I have just started the journey and I should really allow myself to set and follow my own pace, I don't have to follow other people's pace for as long as I am clear of my direction and purpose...insya-Allah.

Some peolpe have the luxury of time to shoot whatever subject they want to, whenever they want to....well almost whenever they want to....but that is something that I could not afford to have so it is not fair for me to benchmark my work against them.

Like I said, I will have to allow myself time.

Anyway, I do know I have quite a good strength & "eye" on certain subjects - especially children photography, moments and events....and very recently I am slowy discovering another interest which I think I can nurture...street photography - those of poor people and laborers...

Well, you may say I am just like others but there is but there is one thing that would perhaps differentiate me from the rest: I would discipline myself so that in every photo I shot, I will present the message of kesyukuran, keinsafan....for the viewers to be thankful of what we have in start the new section of my journey, I have created a new "set" in my Flickr tittled "Street Life".....we'll see how it goes from here lah ok Torque!

OK....I may not make it to Pullitzer but that is not my goal in life anyway! (Well...not Pullitzer but perhaps a stringer for NatGeo when I retire nanti would be good enough already lah!)

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