Wednesday, April 18, 2007


Hmm...lemme seee where's the button.... Probably what fathers would love to see is one day their kids would take up something they would love to do and do it seriously and what matters most is they ENJOY doing it - without damaging effects to themselves & others around them of course....and it would be more wonderful of course, if the kids took up something that is of an interest to the father...perhaps?

Well...since I bought my lovely wife a Lumix FX8, the first P&S digicam tha I bought her (Nikon Coopix 2100) has been resting in it's Tatonka Neophrene casing....with but one intention - it will be given to any of my kids that shows interests in photography be at whatever age they are....and Alisya has been staging this interest quite steadily...she's been using her Kak Diah's (our maid) cameraphone for quite a while to take snapshots of stuffs (including my wifey's nose & my buncit tummy!). That's when I decided, the time for the Nikon Coolpix has come - it will be given to Alisya on her 4th birthday (soon!) once I get a bigger capacity CF card to go with it.

I wish I could put up some of her snapshots but I don't have it with me right now....for now I will just put up what I caught last weekend...on my 50mm f1.8 & Sigma APO DG MACRO, as shown above and below!

Oi Dad! Stay still I don't hv VR on this tiny lense maaa!

Alisya can concentrate and deliver in whatever she's intereted in, that far I do know about my babies, Naufal is easily bored but he has interests, but not photography (yet?), the big question for me now...what would it be for Naufal?

Maybe I can ask Aliya about this.....boleh tak Aliya?

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