Tuesday, April 17, 2007

The Newest member of the clan!

There was a big surprise for the whole family this weekend - the kids have a new cousin!!
People, meet Ahmad Raeeq Nuqman Azwan.....kid bro to the kids' cousin Raiyan!
He looks just like Raiyan actually!

The kids were delighted to meet their baby cousin.....Alisya really loves babies...Naufal, tends to be cool but I know when Raeeq can walk (soon!) he'd be with Naufal doing stuffs - like what Raiyan has been doing!
This little lady is really really keen to get to know her first kid cousin! Aliya kept on mumbling "Bebbeh...bebbeh!" and tried to pat Baby Raeeq as if he is her Babydoll Lilly (who can speak French & English...that's something I will tell later maybe!)

2007 is going to be a great year for the family, insya-Allah!

The F1 in Sepang was fantabulous.....my prediction went quite well...infact I was confident enough to go and buy the McLaren-Merce Team cap & Alonso's crew tee before the race begins just to put my confidence level high! Thanx to The 2007 Team for sponsoring the tee - sebab I did not get this season's FIV Shirt due to some miscommunication..or rather...DIScommunication I think!

Some images to share....can be seen here SFCS .....nothing much from me actually, since I have to be at the Medical Center to look after the team....

The Sakhir Circuit was a threat too...but I guess Fernando was just tyring to take it home by giving it away to QuickNick. Hamilton did well. Still a long way to got and the top 2 driver scores are in a knot! Interesting season this is!

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