Tuesday, April 24, 2007

The Dilemma of a Street Photographer Wannabe

The weekend was quite a frustrating one for me.....it started out like a promising one though, had a TT with Namerumonka & Kroch and talked about photography stuff (what else!) on Friday afternoon after office hours. Later went to Hassan Cafe Bangi to mee the MotoraportShooters gang and Ted, Bawal, MHaslliy, Engku and some others. It was a great TT. At the same time, sms-ed another photographer who came all the way from East Coast to shoot some events in KL this weekend, was supposed to meet the guy next morning after the TT session.

....but the baby of the family was not feeling well on Saturday! Kesian Baby Aliya....apparently she'd getting 4 new teeth! That explains why she's moody at times.....anyway, the whole day was dedicated to be with my baby. Mama went for her class and I stayed at home with the kids, cancelled all my shooting plan.

Cousin Ika came, to the surprise of the kids. Well at least they have lots of thins to do with their cousin and I can pay more attention to Baby Aliya. It does not help that much actually, not until all the teeth are out.

In the evening I had to say bye-bye to Baby Aliya - had to attend this appreciation night for Maulid photographers...which lasted to almost midnight. Well, I have nothing against the Datuk-Dato leaders who made the event happened but sometimes it just made me wonders if they ever made it an effort to have a strategic planning for things of activities they want to do - be it for the masyarakat or personal goal lah.

The next morning, I did not feel well at all, just like my Baby Aliya.....but too I have to bring the kids & their cousin to the playground and send them back to their condo...so, that was what I did....half day gone, without Aliya in my sight. Back hoe at about 4pm and Aliya was there to greet me with her hug! We spent the rest of the evening lying infront of the TV and I dozed off with the help of 2 Panadols.....

We went to their cousin Raiyan's in the night....just in time to catch Tok Mak & Tok Abah who had to leave immediately to JB, thanx to IDIOTS in Customs and bloody stupid agent, the maid who's supposed to work for Angah is having trouble - passport tak berstamp or whatever. Stupid bunch of idiots trying to make money out of other people's hard earned income as always I bet.

Anyway, the kids had a taste of the cake that mama made in one of her classes. Tok Mak & Tok Abah will be back next weekend insya-Allah.

The weekend ended with a fever for me......too bad!

My girl.....I wish I can spend even more time with her, Naufal & Aliya

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