Friday, March 23, 2007

Concert anyone?!

I had an interesting conversation with Saiful - one of the best FIV driver we'd ever have (read my earlier entry laa if you dunno what FIV is!) - on our way back after the training session last weekend - about HEAVY METAL....reminded me of POWERSLAVE - Iron Maiden's album title song....for the first time on this blog, I am posting up a video from one of the best heavy metal group that has ever walked the earth...ladies and gentlemen here's : Iron Maiden's POWERSLAVE!

(Ohhh before you click on the piece...please be aware that this is not for those who could not appreciate is NOT "just a noisy bunch of idiots on stage", the composition and music arrangement is a pure work of art, the lyrics is almost a complete history about the pharoahs of old Egypt and if you have ever learnt how to read notes and appreciate classical music - like ngoh hai - this is similar to any complex rendition from an orchestra, done by 5 "Einsteins" - the Maidens are highly educated blokes with masters & phd but decided to be musicians instead! ...and they never do drugs....only idiots who followed then do that s**T) Incase the tubing fails just go to and search for Powerslave.....and consider getting a Macintosh too!!

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