Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Spiderman BOLEH?

Post Publish announcement: I dunno wtf happenned but the images was not shown on this site, reloaded everything again and if you guys still fail to see it, the just ignore it....begin to think blogspot is kinda effing nowadays.

Note: Click on the images to get the full size and try zooming in...images were shot on kit lense 18-70mm, trying to maintain the perspective of the actual height of the scene. (Yeah...a 300mm prime would be better...sponsor me somebody?!)

There was a big commotion yesterday afternoon, when I was trying to do some stuff for my new bosses (coming up next in this space: I AM MOVING WORKSTATION!!).....

Heard the sound of a heelo (helicopter la!) too close to the building...and yeah, it was much closer to the towers then it has ever done before all these years....so, I thought something must be happening nearby....
Hello Heelo!! (Learnt later that a STAR photog is in it)
...and then I saw the neighbours on the other tower was flooding the windows....DEFINITELY something is on! After a while, we (me & my buddies here) realized there's a person scaling up Tower 2 - bare handed....it's called free-climbing (gua dulu masa muda pun ada laa baca & layan pasal wall climbing gak!) and the person looked like the French Spidey who attempted the same feat years back (1997).

The securities & safety officers were already on the balcony of the 61st. floor of Tower 2, can see that they tried to communicate with Spidey. (This morning on the internet I saw some images of him talking on his handphone).

The officers (I believe) were trying to convince him to stop and surrender....
Somehow...Spidey was carrying a Jalur Gemilang and he flashed it to the crowd (at the base of the tower and on Tower 1).....Hey!! He's got the Malaysia Boleh spirit!! (yeah right!).

Couple of minutes later....Spidey decided he has had enough adrenalin rush to last him another 10 years...he climbed up to the balcony (saw some of the officers were actually clapping their hands!)

...and then all the havoc ends....Au revoir Spidey! Vous voir 2017...Oui?!!!
(See you in 2017...yes?!)

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