Thursday, February 22, 2007

Whatever will be will be

Hmmm....this is becoming a bad habit, not updating this little bloggie as often as possible! Well the fact is I have been too busy with THE ZOO....mainly on securing a new position so that I would not end up damaging my brain working with stupididiotpigs and instead continue developing my capabilities and skills by working with a more dynamic team - even if I would not get the opportunity to have a better cubicle/ room soon.

The teambuilding was nothing to shout about but we had fun - the zany bunch. The pigs were sore especially on the Paintball game - boy did we have fun scaring them off! In the end they chickened-out (porked-out more like it) and although some of us had injuries (minor - the return of those old injuries from the school days mostly) we had fun and we really know who amongst us are really warriors and team players and who are the cowards. In the end we have proven that we are far better leaders (and followers) than any of the pigs....bravo! The indoor session was nothing short of boring but we did not give the chance for the pigs to have any last words, we really bashed every single stupid statements - regardless whether they wanna change to the better or not, we do not care actually, they are pigs anyways!
Rambling aside...I did manage to do some "impressive" shots while on the trip my own syok sendiri definition at least!

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Oh yes...I am moving away from my current position to a more interesting one...within the same zoo - for now, I don't mind staying in this zoo since I have decided to join a far better team....the current team (me & CL) will be "dismantled" soon because the pigbiatch could not handle people and prefers to be a pig and do shitty stuff she thinks will impress the leaders so she went all out to get rid of us ASAP, ironically we made our choice and "helped" the pigbiatch in her attempt to "dump" us out - and she looked really happy with this "achievement" to say the leasy....mmg bodoh punya babi!
So the best team is the one I am joining lah...since the will be no more tag team of me & CL in the zoo!

Other than that, most of my time is spent with my beautiful babies & wifey. Here's what we have been up to these past couple of weeks....not in particular order.....

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Yerp....we did GO FLY KITES!
Been a very long time since we last went to this area near Kepong where people fly their kites everyday it almost looks like there's a kite festival al year round in that area. The kids love it very much....promised them if they behaved well we'd bring them to play kites - they have never done this before...when we reached that area, they were excited...gave tthem somr money to buy their own kites...Alisya chose Doraemon while Naufal had a tough time to decide between Batman or Ultraman....he went for Ultraman in the end. Boy! They really enjoyed the afternoon...Aliya day soon she'll be holding the end of the rope of her own kite!

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The kite flying activity, unfortunately, could not be done every afternoon due to recent unpredictable rain showers but nevertheless, we know the kids love their kites and we look forward to another long afternnon flying the kites with them.

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We did not go balik kampung for the CNY (sorry Tok Mak & Tok Abah) so we that we get to spend more time with the kids. Among other things that we did was had d blast at the theme park in the Jusco near our homey....

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Alisya was really into this one Godzilla game (ehhehe! The Godzilla was so cute it looks almost as cute as Alisya!) Naufal tried everything but end up with no "concentration" as always! Ahh well...a boy will be a boy!
Aliya...hmmm this little lady seems to like the train ride the best. They spent almost al of their "pocket money" - given based on how they have behaved in a certain period of time...we had trouble getting them out of the theme park...especially that little Godzilla of ours! Kena bribe laaa plak...promised them we'd do camping the next day....

Which we actually did!
Mama prepared lunch and we packed all the items needed for a camping trip. When we wrrived at our favorite spot, the clouds were minglling above our heads...and just as we completed setting up the tent, it started to rain - HEAVILY!
The kids had their first experience of living and eating in a real tent, under a heavy downpour. They ate a lot too! Aliya explored every possible corners of the tent....and I realized at that moment I need to get a better built tent and a bigger one if my ambition to get them exposed to outdoor activities is to happen soon.
After the rain settled down, we jumped into the stream....of course I cannot take photos when I am being drowned by the little monsters of mine but here are some images I managed to compose for this outing lah...mainly Alisya, because Naufal & Aliya surrendered early to the coldness and had a big nap in the tent....

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This little lady is growing really fast. She has a game she loves to play with me whenever she's in the mood to play....she'll chase me around the couch and will never stop chasing me until she either caught up with me or I turned and chase her instead! She'd be laughing all the way and if needs be she will land on the knees and crawl as fast as she could to any of the family member to seek "protection".
Of course, I'll always lose because in the end I will lie down and she'll climb on my tummy and claim victory. She's a natural champion and knows what she wants, and will go for it all she might - I can see that already in this baby girl of ours.

I just love my family more and more each day.

NOTE: Flickr is acting up (dammit!) so those images are hosted on Photobucket or directly loaded from my Mac. Most of the shots were composed on the kit lense of Nikon D70S and Nikon's 50mm f1.8 prime lense but some of those images were done with a Nikkor 70-300 G spec lense - pinjam from Kudeen! A really good lense as long as you know how to handle it with your DSLR.....of course Vr spec would always be better option but it will create a much bigger hole in your wallet!

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