Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Weekend Photogs

SPAWN!! Using CLS technique (yet to attend the class actually!)

Last Saturday, I had a taste of studio shoot - attended the basic flash class by Ted Adnan. Started with the introduction of the flash, basic flash settings, then we moved on to more challenging topics like capturing the background shooting against a direct light source, controlling light around our subject, using multiple flash settings, creating effects and modes using multiple flash etc. etc. We get to compare our result with each other and commented by the sifu himself. The participants were cool. We have Nikon users, Canon fans, and an Olympus dude too. Half of the day went by without the whole students noticing it! Later in the afternoon, followed Ted to do a job - launch of a movie @ KLCC TGV. Supposedly wanted to shoot Telekom Museum before that but the weather was not favorable....came back at around 10pm that night....

Basic Flash Class - Controlling exposure on remote flashBasic Flash Class - Controlling Natural Lighting from the background
The basics of controlling light source from flash guns & natural background lighting...
Basic Flash Class - remote flash
Remote flash technique

The "students"..and Sifu Ted (sitting behind the strobe)

Dah la the night b4 lepak dgn PhotoMalaysia Taikos sampai pukul 2am! Adehhh.....but it was really worth it, learnt a lot from the pro taikos and also from the class...tiring but worth it!

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