Monday, January 08, 2007

VMY2007 Launch

The Eye On Malaysia was officially launched last weekend.....I was able to shoot some images but was not in the "VIP" area (VIP = Very Important Photographer), had to rush from Marina's reception, SMS Ted and the bunch for their whereabouts and evaluated the traffic situation during that particular moment, realized there was no way I can get into the VIP area in time. However, I was lucky to get to a space quite near to the Kg Baru area (ok laa near la jugak tu!) Parked the car, set the tripod on the car, mount the gun and just shoot!

Later had a TT session with the bunch and learnt a few new techniques of capturing fireworks from Ted & R47Z....(and on Sunday Bubba walked through quite a similar method as well - via Adium chat) well, never too late to learn, I expect to see some improvement for the next firework shot I do lah!

Came back home at about really enjoying being in the photographer community.

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