Thursday, January 04, 2007

HappIER New Year? Perhaps.....

This cake is special...why is it so? Well, simply because it is Aliya's first birthday cake and it's baked by Mama...who looks to be very determined with her current passision - baking cakes...and the main ingredient mama use especially for baking cakes for the family, is LOVE.

(Maybe I will usaha harder for resources to sponsor her for the complete course....)

The cake was the main menu for Aliya's small celebartion back in kampung recently. Not all of her cousins were there but it was cool (and rainy!) break for the family.

Will 2007 be a special year? We sure hope so......2006 been a good year - in general. Yeah there are things that really pissed me off but hey, what I can't control is beyond me!
They wanna take more from me for tax, it is beyond my control.
They wanna make me pay more for using the highways, it is beyond my control.
You don't have to listen to braggards - you can just ignore them.
You don't have to be mad for the ever increasing toll
and everything - you just have to pay it and continue with life....just don't vote the similar bastards ever again!
Well...I guess it is not so bad but you definitely can't stop wondering when others around you - especially those who earns 4x you are getting - is making a bigger fuss out of it.....tsk! tsk! tsk! I guess what makes me different from them is I can manage to channel my frustration properly.....and who knows, insya-Allah if everything goes well make a couple of (thousand?) bucks from this channel!

What's more important is for me to take care of those things within my control and continue my doa for whatever I wish to doa.....don't mess with the power of doa, ok people?

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