Monday, December 11, 2006

Lensa Persona...huh?

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The days have been very hectic since I last posted any update on this blog....apart from the office works, been learning to cope up with the limitations of my prosumer class Leica lense and the new zoom/bounce external flash I bought couple of weeks back.

The image I post here is one of the recent well "masterpiece" I managed to compose with the camera. Funny thing, with those limitation I can say I still managed to deliver acceptable results for some events - tehn again, I maybe just syok sendiri!

Anyway, after the outing with some other photographers for Street Buskers Party last weekend, I realized (apart from I need to catch-up on my sleeping & resting time!) I cannot rely too much anymore on my trusted prosumer class camera, not for night, low light & fast shoots...just to name a few situation at least.....

After talking to some real professionals in this field and showing them some of my works I have done on this Panasonic-Leica prosumer, I can conclude it is time for me to move on to the the next level.......time to get really serious after all these years of "searching".......and somehow or rather, I realized my answer to the question I have been asking myself all these years is starting to materialize, I am starting to be able to visualize the answer, maybe not a complete one but it is much clearer then before!

Time for another new journey Torque!

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