Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Most Expensive Hotwheels

I am quite familiar with the brand Hotwheels ever since I was a kid. I am sure most of the people my age would be familiar with this brand too. It is one of the famous toy car producer which production we can buy (affordable - some range of the production) off the shelves of any toy store or supermarket - back in the days when I was still a kid lah.

Although there are more toys that remains in my wish list than the toys that I had during my childhood, I have no grudges at all. In fact I am happy being blessed with parents that cares so much about their children's future and gave the best they could afford for them.

Back to the Hotwheels...if I am not mistaken I actually prefer MatchBox toys, because somehow they have this kind of "suspension" to the wheels...and ohh, some of the models have doors and hoods that really works!

Well anyway, last few weeks I did something quite crazy.....I bought the replica of Renault R26 of Fernando Alonso by Hotwheels!

It took me about 20 minutes tinkering at that toy department......and finally after concluding that it is the last race for Renault by Alonso, the first champion of the V8 series and the 2006 season whole deal of issues the RF1 had to deal with due to FIA regulation (and de-regulation...and re-regulatiion!)...and the the fact that I could not afford the last season's V10 serie replica...I guess it was fair for me to buy that R26 as a memorabilia.

The last F1 car I used to have when I was a child was the black favorite but badly damaged - orang lain punya kerja! (I seriously do not know who!) The remnants of that JPS is still there at my kampung.

Ehhh...hey wait a minute! The JPS was not the last, I do have the McLaren RC of David Coulthard!!

Some kids just never grew old eh?

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