Monday, November 27, 2006


That's the most recent photo of our youngest child - Aliya Irdina.
She's the rightful owner of that FisherPrice Trike now!

Today at 3:59am Aliya will be 11 months old.

Which means....the family have been blessed with her presence for 11 months...
That's almost a year....and I am still amazed with the experience - the years of hardships, the researchs & preparation, then finally - out of the sudden - knowing we are going to have a baby, the most exciting 9 months in Mama's life, the delivery time...and...well EVERYTHING! (The "followers" of my little blog (thanx!) would know what I mean)

Yeah....I AM still amazed!

Life has never been boring, never been more meaningful for me, being blessed with 3 greatest kids and the loveliest wife in the whole universe.....

Ayah loves you all so much my dear!

She is just undeniably very pretty...just like her mum & sis

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

My Most Expensive Hotwheels

I am quite familiar with the brand Hotwheels ever since I was a kid. I am sure most of the people my age would be familiar with this brand too. It is one of the famous toy car producer which production we can buy (affordable - some range of the production) off the shelves of any toy store or supermarket - back in the days when I was still a kid lah.

Although there are more toys that remains in my wish list than the toys that I had during my childhood, I have no grudges at all. In fact I am happy being blessed with parents that cares so much about their children's future and gave the best they could afford for them.

Back to the Hotwheels...if I am not mistaken I actually prefer MatchBox toys, because somehow they have this kind of "suspension" to the wheels...and ohh, some of the models have doors and hoods that really works!

Well anyway, last few weeks I did something quite crazy.....I bought the replica of Renault R26 of Fernando Alonso by Hotwheels!

It took me about 20 minutes tinkering at that toy department......and finally after concluding that it is the last race for Renault by Alonso, the first champion of the V8 series and the 2006 season whole deal of issues the RF1 had to deal with due to FIA regulation (and de-regulation...and re-regulatiion!)...and the the fact that I could not afford the last season's V10 serie replica...I guess it was fair for me to buy that R26 as a memorabilia.

The last F1 car I used to have when I was a child was the black favorite but badly damaged - orang lain punya kerja! (I seriously do not know who!) The remnants of that JPS is still there at my kampung.

Ehhh...hey wait a minute! The JPS was not the last, I do have the McLaren RC of David Coulthard!!

Some kids just never grew old eh?

Friday, November 17, 2006

Caught The Lightning

As a photographer wannabe I have always been amazed by the patience and skills (and of course the expensive equipmentes!) of professionals who managed to get amazing images of nature....lightning is one of the titles.

Today, I was almost bored to the bone after I managed to "zhng" things (thant have been ding-donging at the leaders level) with the Zookeeper (the top leader on this floor lah)...I don't wanna talk about work, it seems endless covering things for people who are supposed to be able to think and look at the strategic part of everything....they should be ashamed of me....heheh!

Back to the story I intend to tell here....I almost became Dr Freeze when Sha'arin called me to chek out the scenery....and somehow, I managed to capture a lightning - my first ever - after so many attempts all these years.....

......(posted while listening to Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al")

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

After Raya

We had a great Raya celebration - went back to kampung for the last few days of Ramadhan (hope to see you again next year Ramadhan!) and first few days of Eid. The kids enjoyed being with the cousins and relatives - the played all day long and had to be forced to sleep! We put up pelita around the compound and played mercun in the night - for the first time in my life I actually bought mercun!

On the third Raya we went back to Kuching - equal excitement! Meet all of our the families over there and as always, everytime we come back to Kuching it is like a holiday.....

....went for river cruise, small family picnic at Pasir Panjang, cool dip at Sungai Cina in Kubah...evening walks at the out at the new places and the usual favorite places....arrghhhhhh....can we rewind the time please!!!

Back from Kuching, we spent a night in JB before going back to SateVille.....the first Saturday we organized our yearly OpenHut event at our little homey - the kid had another boost of celebration. This year while some usuals could not make it many new faces turned up - the headcount is probably one of the highest we ever had. Am just glad the guests still love the usual items we serve - by polular demand...could not change the menu due to that!

On Sunday we went to Uncle Bawal's OpenBungalow event - yet another round of celebration for the kids...frankly I am just glad they did not jump into the fish pond!

Wish I can write more but sleep have been an issue ever since I got back from holiday...overall I can say the raya break was really great, a deserved one, and it was really nice....and very frankly I just can't wait to retire from this corporate zoo and live life happily-er than ever over there!

....why can't I just get paid for vacationing instead of doing stuff for stewpeedidiots who get paid more then me?!! For now, I am the only one running the show (although the "leaders" see it as just merely assisting them - DUH!) since CL is on maternity leave...