Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Some people just seems to make it a habit to quote words from famous businessmen or politicians, in meetings, discussions, e-mails or even casual conversations (which may not be casual at all if a quote is included!).....

Ohh yes, some even goes to the extend of printing it and putting it up on the walls where everybody could read it - in his/ her effort to show supremacy or win a self-inflicted psychological war with some others....but unfortunately, the only war he/ she is fighting is against his/ her insecure personality!

Definitely, I am not that kind of a person but I do appreciate meaningful, logical and practical quotes, well you know - those that we can comprehend and put into action immediately.
That's the keyword - put into action.

Why should you go around quoting your favorite politicians & CEOs of big companies, when you have no idea what it mean (read: just trying hard to look smart) and never actually "internalise" (ok....that sounds soooo like a consultant!) the words?

Sometimes you can almost sense that these people may actually just found the quotes (ever heard Google?!) moments before he/ she walked into the meeting/ discussion or sent the e-mail.....is that not pathetic?

As much as I hate & refuse to respect people who claims they read books (especially if they see you carrying one and stopped you in the middle of your way just to flip through the pages and proudly say they have read that book couple of years back) but never learn anything, I think I just could not stand those who quotes anything that come out from the mouth of the people he admires (which he may think others are too!) but never actually walk the talk - or should I say walk the quotes?

You want quotes....well, I have some.... (Weiihh! The Torque also smart but not like those smart-arse lah!):

"Do or do not, there is no try...." ~ Yoda, Jedi Master

"There is always the first time..." ~ Moi Chee Keong, TaeKwonDo Master (one of my martial arts sifus)

"Ignore the writing on the wall, you should read between the lies..." ~ Tom Araya, Slayer (heheh! )

"No call alligator "long mouth" till you pass him" - unknown Jamaican Rasta taken from one of the books I am reading now(probably this rasta was high on gunja)

Not smart enough? Ooh ok...then you must be one of them....you can get those "I am smarter than thou" quotes from books....or Google....or ask any of those person I mentioned in my rambling above, I bet you can name a couple of them around you.....

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