Tuesday, October 03, 2006


Aaaa...tu dah cross the line tu, over limit dah tu!

limitation |ˌliməˈtā sh ən| |ˈlɪməˌteɪʃən| |lɪmɪˌteɪʃ(ə)n|
1 (often limitations) a limiting rule or circumstance; a restriction : severe limitations on water use.
• a condition of limited ability; a defect or failing : she knew her limitations better than she knew her worth.
• the action of limiting something : the limitation of local authorities' powers.
2 (also limitation period) Law a legally specified period beyond which an action may be defeated or a property right is not to continue. See also statute of limitations .
ORIGIN late Middle English : from Latin limitatio(n-), from the verb limitare (see limit ).

....that's according to the Dictionary software from Apple Computer, in my Mac.
Some stories related to the word....

One fine morning I made a straight statement to one of my staff - "If you don't fast, don't talk to me....please?". In Malay,"Kalau kau tak puasa, jangan cakap dengan aku...."
The staff was clowning around, not fasting and making fun of it as though it is a joke and everybody was not too serious about him not fulfilling his duty as a Muslim. When he came to my workstation, where we'd always make jokes and laugh, I gave him the straight cold serious look (I can look VERY serious and KILLER LIKE especially with beards and all unshaved on my face) and made the statement above. whether he like it or not, I don't care. I did my duty as a Muslim, I do not condone his fooling around asking for food & lighter to light his cigarette. He was shocked and lost for words, I asked him to leave and only comeback when he's fasting properly.
If he cannot respect his own religion, why should I respect him, for life.

Limitations imposed by religion have their own good reasons and values.

There have been some havoc in the zoo this Monday - my own doings due to my dissatisfaction to the some people entitled with car grand, bigger bucks and a room in the zoo. Two of them. It was utterly stupid - them not me - to offend me with so called a policy whereby it was too obvious they were protecting their own dirty butt due to their paranoia. Was even called to the room of the zookeeper later in the evening for the havoc - which I made clear my stand and made the lady one felt uneasy - face it bitch, you do not fit to be a leader in the first place, how could you handle my personality! The zookeeper tried to be in control but most of the time I got him cornered, but f course he has his own ways to deny anything - stupid & irrelevant statements, in the end they think the have the final words....well not really, it is far from over because I have the final VERSE for them! These people will always be in my prayer - for the damned. Go to hell - both of you and all your family.
Have never met people with brains twice useless than a dead pig then this two idiots.

Everybody's patience has limitations....push it to the limit and you will get a taste of their darkest soul.

There is nothing in this world that is more important to me than being with my little family for as long as I have the chance to do so. If anybody have a problem understanding that - DON'T EVEN TRY....and don't let me come across you, I don't wish to add any more names in the prayer of the damned.

There is no limitation to love your family....even after you are gone you can still love them but it is far better to love them NOW, while you are still with them.....

Some people think they can walk on this earth arrogantly because things have come easy in their lives....
To them all, think again.......

Put a limit to your arrogance, before it's too late, already.....

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