Monday, September 18, 2006


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Just trying out blogging straight from flickr....

That's my baby girl fast asleep, comfy & cozy....thanx to the mini-fan equipped superlight wheelers of hers!

At this point of time I wish I was back home with my babies....but the fact is I am still in the office waiting for some late evening debriefing to change some stuffs just because the darned zookeeper decided to make some ammendmends on the workshop we have designed and prepared....dammit....ANOTHER 11th hour change...the items been sitting on their desks/ in-box for a week and only today they decided to look at it? I have less than 48 hours to print the packs and brief the facilitators!

Sometimes I wonder if these idiotas really have family of their they even have a working brain cell up there!?!!

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