Wednesday, September 27, 2006

The B word

On a recent entry in one of the forums I frequent, an entry about blue sky was started by a is quite a feat nowadays if you are able to witness a clear blue sky in KeyEl. If you are about the same age as me - born in the early 70s - haze or "jerebu" is not a word commonly heard/ used/ read in the media. You may say it is not really that bad yes, but it is still bad. For instance, from the windows of my work station on the higher floors of the twotowers, I should be able to see up to the Straits of Melaka on a clear day (read: everyday - if we are talking about early 2000!) but now, it would be a good sight if I can really see where is the Telekom Tower. If that is not bad, then I do not know what is! If you have little children of your own, it IS a big concern.

I use to remind myself from time to time to lie down and just watch the sky, especially when I am on a beach or anywhere "near to nature". Come to think of it, it has been a long time since I last done that. Should do it again soon with my babies....

Ramadhan is back. Nothing special to celebrate for some but for me, it is the month where I will always reflect back on the last Ramadhan, my family members who are no longer with us and wonder whether there will be another Ramadhan for me. This year is different from any other years - we have a new baby in the house!
Have been doing tarawih prayers at home with wifey since we have the twins, this year is going to be the same. On the first day of fasting the twins joined us for prayers, they are just too cute...wonder what it would be like next year when Baby Aliya will already be able to join in!
......with the virus still inside and just relying on small pills currently out of supply, can't help but wonder if I will still be around next year....

Have you ever experienced being cheated like an idiot by your employer & leaders of the country?
Well, I have!
.....this month despite the BIG B, my bottomline on the payslip is equivalent to me not getting the month's salary & a substantial chunk of the B was eaten away for tax....
Nothing much I can do about it....but in every single wajib and sunat prayers I will doa that whoever are involved in doing this injustice - the leaders and the followers - will get the equivalent balasan & bala to their whole family, dunia akhirat, laknat to these heartless people....

Well, at least I have kept my promise to the kids...they got what they deserved and nothing is more rewarding than to see their smile & hear their laughter...

Monday, September 18, 2006


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Just trying out blogging straight from flickr....

That's my baby girl fast asleep, comfy & cozy....thanx to the mini-fan equipped superlight wheelers of hers!

At this point of time I wish I was back home with my babies....but the fact is I am still in the office waiting for some late evening debriefing to change some stuffs just because the darned zookeeper decided to make some ammendmends on the workshop we have designed and prepared....dammit....ANOTHER 11th hour change...the items been sitting on their desks/ in-box for a week and only today they decided to look at it? I have less than 48 hours to print the packs and brief the facilitators!

Sometimes I wonder if these idiotas really have family of their they even have a working brain cell up there!?!!

Sunday, September 10, 2006

From Merdeka to Monza...

Last year we celebrated Merdeka Day in Putrajaya, Aliya was still in Mama's tummy. She was moving and kicking when the crowd shouted Merdeka....Alisya & Naufal were among the crowd too.
This year, we decided not to go for the celebration but have a good night sleep for the trip back to kampung in the sure we did not miss anything much after all it is the same every year, read the news paper and you'll know what I mean!

Kampung is nice. When I decided to write this, I was using my old trustworthy Psion sitting at the dining table at the extended porch while Alisya & Naufal is playing with the bikes....the cemented area where the rode their bokes is the same one where I learnt to skate & ride almost 30 years ago....time flies!
It is hot but the wind is blowing nicely, unlike in KL or where it is quite difficult to get a comforting constant wind blowing when the sun is shining hot....and not to mention the haze.....the sky is clear blue here no sign of haze at all.

Future MotorGP stars...

Manja dia ni dgn Tok Abah
The roadwork is almost completed and the traffic is moving smoothly, although I think it is rather ridiculous to have a big divider the whole length of the township....the divider actually seperated the kampung into two and to cross over ''legally'' you have to go almost a mile up before you are allowed to do a u-turn....wonder from which school did the town planner came from....

We went to the pasar malam, it was very interesting. I still recall, during my chilhood days, the only pasar malam (or rather pasar minggu) woud be at the stretch near the river, it was a long stretch for me at that time and you can almost get anything you want sink included...hehehehe! My favoruite item would be the putu piring, or putu buluh, sate sotong and occasionally the pulut panggang. Ohhh....I almost forgot, my all time favorite kuih seri muka.

The 'current' pasar malam that we went was at a big housing area (used to be paya belukar when I was still schooling) near our homey. I can safey say, you can find almost anything there too but I found no kitchen sink lah!
Mama bought quite a number of stuffs.....she like the sate, which is more tastier than the Kajang version.....and cheaper. The seller asked us where do we live since she never seen us before....well, it is our first time anyway! And when she knew we werre from KL, the seller asked about the SitiNurhalilintar's wedding with Datuk Khechut, malas nak menjawab - the whole thing is just too much overblown - for us at least!

The trip was smooth, back to Sateville. Along the way the traffic was quite heavy, especially on the highway which was expected after a long weekend. the next day, the kids went to their skool and we thought everything will go smooth this week and looking forward to the weekend where Tok Mak & Tok Abah will join cousin Raiyan for a short holiday in Langkawi, promised the kids we're going to send them to the airport.
Unfortunatey, things went the other way around. Alisya caught high fever and had breathing difficulties on Monday evening. Aliya followed the next day......

'ddafo cas

(Tried to complete this one but Aliya decided to do help me with some entry...while waiting for her turn to see the doctor - 2 days after we came back from kampung).

Alisya was warded again for breathing difficulties & high fever....managed to spend some time with Aliya while Mama melayan kerenah Alisya at the ward.
Took family room but had to pay some extras - not entitled even though the difference is nothing at all - I HATE HaRaMjadah policy...don't these bastards have kids?!
Tok Mak & Tok Abah came to visit a day before they flew off to Langkawi with the kid's cousin Raiyan or a holiday....
Alisya recovered quite fast...but she is still moody over the weekend. Aliya is more and more playful and she can be very friendly to others now - depending on her mood. Naufal is her fav sibling simply because Kakak is a bit 'garang' at times 'kedekut' with her toys - especially Barbie playsets! But they love each other so much....and I love them more and more each day and nothing will be able to change this purpose in my life!

The Monza race was a big disappointment. I just don't care to write about it here - if you are a true F1 follower (read: your source of info is not just the F1 official site and your team site/ blog) you will know what's the story about F1 this season. Another 3 races to go.....end of the day I still drive a Renault...and may get a new one, or maybe a Merce or anything else that I can afford for my family to be safe and if you are a fan of any other winners, just be it! F1 is not a sport's becoming like WWF!

Faris is already in KL. He's recovering - thank you all for your prayers. He still needs to go through series of tests and operations, specialists id not actually put high hopes on how long he'll be in this world among us but let's take it a day at a time....for those who wants to donate some funds, you can PM me for the bank account number...may Allah bless your kindness.
On the other hand, I have to work out some letters from the insurance - every time I do the scheduled blood tests & check-up it will eat my cash, dunno if long period GL is allowed by HaRaMjadah policy will give it a try this week and see how....