Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Turkish Race Weekend

.....I just don't wish to use the beautiful Sigg knife to dig out some idiot's throat one day...

There have been ups & downs since I last made any entry in this little blogsite. The ultimate down happened on the Aug 25th. and the peak of it was blown into pieces the next day, by yours truly so that today everything turns back to normal, living a better life then before, as always. Alhamdulillah.

In preparation of the worst case scenario - relating it back to 'the B thing' I have in my liver, I have asked for release from the zoo to move to a place called BTL - a position is waiting for me, offered by a good manager. My only request was to get a place for my wifey so that we are still a double income earner family - I could not afford to be the single breadwinner, with 'the B thing' if anything happens to me, who will feed my family?
So, e-mails were sent, phone calls were made, interviews were done. the stumbling block was a policy - never written but in existence in the HaRaMjadah zoocenter. Checked with the relevant people and was informed there is not such policy written and it was only a guideline, it should not be an issue since my wife will not be in the same unit, just the same zoo. The interviewer who is the HaRaMjadah manager of the BTL zoo also have put high hopes to my wife that she'll get the post....being a friendly couple, we believed that kayu.
The HaRaMjadah kayu manager of the BTL zoo had to write a report on the issue - stating the intend to employ wife. The kayu also informed that the policy is not an issue, he should have no problem bringing us in but the only stumbling block was that the position for wife is meant for internal staff. Ironically it was the secondary position - which will report to him and with her experience, wifey was sure to outshine that kayu in a couple of months. The original position was open to public but somehow or rather, the kayu wanted wifey to be in his unit. Only one simple conclusion to that - kayu is clueless and incompetent to run the show (ask around the small BTL zoo!) and wifey would be able to tidy things up.....indirectly his intent was to make thing easier for him!
I have no doubt about my wifey's talent, capability or professionalism, she will be a better manager/ SM/ GM CEO/ VP/ President than me (if I ever gonna be one of those!) She is overqualified, willing to get a lower pay, the intent i just to get a position in this zoo and move the family there. We know we can deliver what is expected and even more for that BTL zoo..... but in the end, powerplay & politics rules this zoo and what my wifey got was a stupid SMS saying that due to HaRaMjadah policy she could not be accepted in the organisation.
Just SMS? The kayu has not been answering her calls and is 'allergic' to e-mails and all the kayu did was send this one stupid SMS to ditch everything we had worked & prayed & hoped for?
Definitely the kayu got some flare from me - fcuk it if he's a manager or what, the way he treated the whole thing is a disgrace to the organisation - my wife is from outside and it just shows how unprofessional & fcukingly idiot the kayu is and this one single idiot can tarnish the whole reputation of the organisation.
But then again come o think of it....as if I care that much about this whole organisation after all! It is just a stinking zoo filled with idiots of those sorts!
Let's just cut it short....obviously there are personal agenda to all this shit, misuse of power, unwritten policy, on one hand I got a green light but on the other hand it was a different set of ruling and nobody dared to see us face to face to explain.....after a couple of days thinking about it, I finally decided I am not going there anymore (ever!) and so let it be....it does not make me any lesser of a person, I have to be fair to myself and wifey, we do no deserve to work with imbeciles that have half he brain cells of a dead sloth....I'll let this one pass and those involved will get it from me for as long as they are in this stinking zoo.

Alonso's driving was superb and the red idiots attempt to squeeze him in the first corners resulted to multiple crashes in the mid fielders, if he's unprofessional he could have crashed into both the red idiots and Fisico would be able to bring up the point for the RF1, but hey, RF1 is a gazillion times more professional than the red idiots team and when Alonso won the battle against Schumster in the Turkish race it just like RF1 screaming the fcuk it up your nose FIA, rule out them mass-dampers or anything but the best is here to stay....and Massa's victory still made him nothing more than a clown to the Fartrari team (what's else do you expect a second driver in the team to be laa kan?! No matter what, that shortguy is not listed to be the drivers next season - he should start realizing that already...that bozo!). The race cameras are controlled by superb idiots - many important/ interesting scenes were not aired, on our screen most of the time would be the fcuking red cars trying hard to look innocently good and fast but everybody knows, thanx to the FIA ruling that made them faster than the rest with 4 more circuits to go this season.
I just could not understand why people support the team who has low respect to the other drivers than the over glorified one - who'll still be there next season just to make a clown out of Raikkonen....it's a disgrace to the sport. True F1 fan would actually prefer/ enjoy the mid & end field battles between the likes of Rosberg, Heidfeld. Kubica, de La Rosa (well sometimes he's with the front field lah!) and Webber. The front end is just too boring now with the red idiots farting their way to podiums by having the unfair advantaged given by the fcuking FIA....and RF1 struggling to put up a challenge and make the race more interesting (so that we can see a blue & yellow care somewhere between the screening of the red cars during the whole race period).....for this season, the rest of the teams are just nowhere to be considered as worthy opponents to the two teams....unless there are multiple crashes or rainmakers decided to have a party the night before.....or FIA come up with some other rulings to make sure there's only two red idiots driving in the race and on the screen all of the time.....and please, bring the HonDUH teams -especially the Aguris - to a go-kart circuit instead!

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