Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Turkish Race Weekend

.....I just don't wish to use the beautiful Sigg knife to dig out some idiot's throat one day...

There have been ups & downs since I last made any entry in this little blogsite. The ultimate down happened on the Aug 25th. and the peak of it was blown into pieces the next day, by yours truly so that today everything turns back to normal, living a better life then before, as always. Alhamdulillah.

In preparation of the worst case scenario - relating it back to 'the B thing' I have in my liver, I have asked for release from the zoo to move to a place called BTL - a position is waiting for me, offered by a good manager. My only request was to get a place for my wifey so that we are still a double income earner family - I could not afford to be the single breadwinner, with 'the B thing' if anything happens to me, who will feed my family?
So, e-mails were sent, phone calls were made, interviews were done. the stumbling block was a policy - never written but in existence in the HaRaMjadah zoocenter. Checked with the relevant people and was informed there is not such policy written and it was only a guideline, it should not be an issue since my wife will not be in the same unit, just the same zoo. The interviewer who is the HaRaMjadah manager of the BTL zoo also have put high hopes to my wife that she'll get the post....being a friendly couple, we believed that kayu.
The HaRaMjadah kayu manager of the BTL zoo had to write a report on the issue - stating the intend to employ wife. The kayu also informed that the policy is not an issue, he should have no problem bringing us in but the only stumbling block was that the position for wife is meant for internal staff. Ironically it was the secondary position - which will report to him and with her experience, wifey was sure to outshine that kayu in a couple of months. The original position was open to public but somehow or rather, the kayu wanted wifey to be in his unit. Only one simple conclusion to that - kayu is clueless and incompetent to run the show (ask around the small BTL zoo!) and wifey would be able to tidy things up.....indirectly his intent was to make thing easier for him!
I have no doubt about my wifey's talent, capability or professionalism, she will be a better manager/ SM/ GM CEO/ VP/ President than me (if I ever gonna be one of those!) She is overqualified, willing to get a lower pay, the intent i just to get a position in this zoo and move the family there. We know we can deliver what is expected and even more for that BTL zoo..... but in the end, powerplay & politics rules this zoo and what my wifey got was a stupid SMS saying that due to HaRaMjadah policy she could not be accepted in the organisation.
Just SMS? The kayu has not been answering her calls and is 'allergic' to e-mails and all the kayu did was send this one stupid SMS to ditch everything we had worked & prayed & hoped for?
Definitely the kayu got some flare from me - fcuk it if he's a manager or what, the way he treated the whole thing is a disgrace to the organisation - my wife is from outside and it just shows how unprofessional & fcukingly idiot the kayu is and this one single idiot can tarnish the whole reputation of the organisation.
But then again come o think of it....as if I care that much about this whole organisation after all! It is just a stinking zoo filled with idiots of those sorts!
Let's just cut it short....obviously there are personal agenda to all this shit, misuse of power, unwritten policy, on one hand I got a green light but on the other hand it was a different set of ruling and nobody dared to see us face to face to explain.....after a couple of days thinking about it, I finally decided I am not going there anymore (ever!) and so let it be....it does not make me any lesser of a person, I have to be fair to myself and wifey, we do no deserve to work with imbeciles that have half he brain cells of a dead sloth....I'll let this one pass and those involved will get it from me for as long as they are in this stinking zoo.

Alonso's driving was superb and the red idiots attempt to squeeze him in the first corners resulted to multiple crashes in the mid fielders, if he's unprofessional he could have crashed into both the red idiots and Fisico would be able to bring up the point for the RF1, but hey, RF1 is a gazillion times more professional than the red idiots team and when Alonso won the battle against Schumster in the Turkish race it just like RF1 screaming the fcuk it up your nose FIA, rule out them mass-dampers or anything but the best is here to stay....and Massa's victory still made him nothing more than a clown to the Fartrari team (what's else do you expect a second driver in the team to be laa kan?! No matter what, that shortguy is not listed to be the drivers next season - he should start realizing that already...that bozo!). The race cameras are controlled by superb idiots - many important/ interesting scenes were not aired, on our screen most of the time would be the fcuking red cars trying hard to look innocently good and fast but everybody knows, thanx to the FIA ruling that made them faster than the rest with 4 more circuits to go this season.
I just could not understand why people support the team who has low respect to the other drivers than the over glorified one - who'll still be there next season just to make a clown out of Raikkonen....it's a disgrace to the sport. True F1 fan would actually prefer/ enjoy the mid & end field battles between the likes of Rosberg, Heidfeld. Kubica, de La Rosa (well sometimes he's with the front field lah!) and Webber. The front end is just too boring now with the red idiots farting their way to podiums by having the unfair advantaged given by the fcuking FIA....and RF1 struggling to put up a challenge and make the race more interesting (so that we can see a blue & yellow care somewhere between the screening of the red cars during the whole race period).....for this season, the rest of the teams are just nowhere to be considered as worthy opponents to the two teams....unless there are multiple crashes or rainmakers decided to have a party the night before.....or FIA come up with some other rulings to make sure there's only two red idiots driving in the race and on the screen all of the time.....and please, bring the HonDUH teams -especially the Aguris - to a go-kart circuit instead!

Thursday, August 17, 2006


Don't you think that there are reasons why we exist here on this earth? Reasons that we tend to - perhaps - neglect or deny unconsciously, subconsciously or even consciously, intentionally....and some of us, we create other reasons/ excuses to make us feel we are doing the right thing.....?
We'll only know in the end if we have done the right thing or not...so for now, it's up to us whether we want to serve the reasons, or do what we like...


I am not too sure why am I staying up at this wee hour....I could not sleep after answering some PM in some forums I frequent....helping some people with tech matters mainly on digital photography and Mac-matters - not that I am well versed in those topics nor am I a techy, but by helping others I can strengthen my understanding of the subject, at least that's how it is for me laa kan.

...but, yes frankly, I could not stop thinking about Faris....that's why I am still wide awake after doing stuff I promised Faris I would do for him tonight. I hope my prayers are answered....

My lovely wife finally got the bank account number of the father and informed me on the way back from office, little Faris is still on life support...he's left alone, attended by the nurses of the hospital in Kangar.....father & mother had to come back to KL with the other siblings...something they really really do not want to do at all but had to do due to commitment & responsibilities...

The father said they spent a few final minutes with Faris before leaving him....and, while the father was actually talking to Faris, telling Faris the family had to go back to KL and he's gonna be left alone with the nurses for a couple of days so don't feel sad because father will always remember Faris and call the hospital frequently for update, the father saw drops of tears on Faris cheeks......

I wish the hospital is near to my house, so that I could visit Faris - right now, and talk to this little dude or just be there with him so that he won't feel too lonely in his struggle....and bring my Alisya & Naufal meet their new adik susu...

I wish I could do more to help this family....I wish I could do more....I wish I could take over or share the sufferings of Faris....

but....be strong Faris....your brother & sister love you so much. We love you so much....

Not many people visit this little blog of mine and for those who does, I really appreciate the time you spent here.....if I may, I humbly request a couple of seconds of your time to pray for Faris, to make it through this test, and to be able to meet Alisya & Naufal.....May the Almighty bless you for your kindness, my friends...perhaps you can also be Faris's friends soon...


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


Started writing this one while waiting for the blood tests to be completed at the specialist centre on Saturday morning....

Alisya & Naufal have a new "brother" - the mother that provided milk (ibu susu)for Alisya & Naufal recently gave birth to a baby boy named Faris...about a fortnight back. They have not visited him yet.....distance and schedule is part of the factor but the main reason would be the complications Faris is enduring right after he was born.

The baby was put on life support system, immediately after delivery. He had to be fed using tubes because of some flaw in the structure of the mouth - Melayu calls it 'sumbing' - which made it difficult for Faris to take his supply of milk without choking. The specialists are now doing some further tests, including chromosome tests to find out if there is any further complications Faris may have to face. The father is having some difficulty to finance the medical treatment Faris is having, the company he works with does not support 3rd child medication.

Mama could not just wait and symphatize, she initialized a fund collection for Faris and the team who managed to gather the fund handed it to the father before he went back up north to the family. Not just Faris is having complication, now the second child - Danial (Alisya & Naufal kid "adik susu") is having high fever.

People say, if you are given a strong test by the Almighty it is a sign that HE loves you and wants you to be a better person. I believe that. The father is a cool dude, soft spoken, very friendly and very humble. Never once in andy difficult situation I have seen him frowned, a smile is always there on his serene face. This is not the first time for him. The first child is a girl - pretty & chubby as Alisya! - who's about 6yrs old now. Danial was born a third child, they lost a child - baby boy before Danial - minutes after delivery. The specialists did mention to them during the pregnancy period that the baby is having some problems and there are many complications based on the tests done but the father & mother decided they are not going to abandon the child for whatever reason. They are mentally prepared for whatever that may come their way. Now, they are facing a similar test, with baby Faris.

I have very high respect for them. I have never met any couple/ person that is as noble as this one. They put aside their worldly needs and put all the priority to the babies they are having, always. They were there when Alisya & Naufal need the supply of milk to become 'adik-beradik susuan', they refused to be paid anything for the supply of milk which Alisya & Naufal shared with baby Danial at that point of time. (Alisya & Naufal also shared milk supply from my kid sister a little later than that when she delivered Raiyan.) They never failed to come to our open house/ birthday invitation for the twins. They really accept the twins as their flesh & blood and every time they met the twins, I witness how much they love the them.

If only the long awaited 'announcement' for the annual big 'B' is done......for the time being....I can just pray for that and for baby Faris to be strong in dealing with this test.

...and for the father & mother, I will pray for them to be stronger than they have been. It is fair for them to be rewarded by the Almighty with highest blessings and a very bright future in the hereafter.

In my life, there would be 2 different people with the name almost equal to baby Faris, both are my best buddies and they have never met each other. I will make it a point that baby Faris will be my best buddy too, next to Sheikh Mohd Faridz Bin Sheikh Salleh and Faris Mahida Bin M Dali.

Faris/ Faridz (the pronunciation is almost similar, what matters most is how you spell in in Arabic) means "knight, excellent horse rider".

Alisya & Naufal love horses.....

These past few weeks, I have been feeling very tired, fatigue but I cannot rest easily. I could still do stuffs with Yoda (FYI Yoda is the nick I gave my iBook) or read some books or magazine. The fastest way for me to fell asleep would be to watch TV. Even if it's the interestingly tech-plot related CSI: (my current favorite because Lost new season is not yet in). I'd woke up groggy in the morning but after a cold shower and morning prayers I am ready for action.....until it's late evening where the fatigue comes into play again.
...and the cycle continues

On Monday afternoon, my mind was really troubled - with some "policy" that may affect my plan with my family - sooner or later. Decided to finally go down and have a late lunch after which I met AbeDib - been ages since we last had a good talk, I just hugged him naturally, like I have finally met a long lost brother.....and being a wise person I believe he was able to "read" my mind and gave my a casual nasihat, he recall back my entry when we found out we are finally having a baby, and asked about the twins and Aliya, and talked a bit about his "daun" entry and relate it back to "qalb"....that's when I was woken up from the misery I endured before coming down, I felt at ease almost immediately....and I almost shed tears when I have to bid goodbye to AbeDib.....Allah bless you & your family AbeDib....

Woke up to do some prayers and start some work but the work part never got started - end up cleaning some tech stuff and updating this blog.....enough already of thinking how unfair it has been, I can only be fair to myself and my loved ones so I think I'm gonna stop here and go kiss my babies....

Monday, August 07, 2006

The Hungary Race Weekend

Aliya over the weekend

Been a tiring week...covering for CL who's on MC. The kids are having a great time since their cousin Zulaikha is here.....we have problems making them go to sleep! Infact the little lady Aliya is also excited....she would crawl around the hall and try to join whatever the crowd is doing....had a great time with Aliya this weekend, crawling around with my camera chasing her trying to get some good shot of this princess is challenging.

Saturday morning, Alisya went for a follow-up session and the specialist was happy to see she is doing well. Infact she asked us to start giving Alisya ice-cream in the next 7 days and monitor any changes. She is still a baby and should not be deprived of anything a baby deserves. Went to their Alamanda indoor playground, they had a great time.

The race weekend started off bad when Nando lost his cool and reacted "unprofessionally" against Doornbors....and Schumster was also in the bad book for overtaking during a red flag...which he claims was not entirely his fault and asked people to look at the video and conclude who is at fault - indirectly he's blaming Nando for it but whatever it is, both were fined 2seconds to be added to their qualifying times on every round.
It was almost a disaster but Nando faught back and managed to show although without the mass damper system, he can still clock in a good time compared to the teams running in better unfair advantage. To cut short Kimi got the pole, Fisi could only snatch 8th position, Nando was on the 15th.

Flavio was recovering from the operation and made some surpising remarks on a site. If you read the Star on Sunday, page 51, you'll know what I mean. My comment would be - Hey! It involves the Italians, look what they have done to their soccer industry!
Mass dampers or no, the race started well and RF1 showed the hell to Ferraris and FIA(t)....Schumster was trying hard to hold Fisi at bay but thanx to this GermanShepard's greediness, while trying to tap on Fisi's right rear wheel, Fisi managed to dodge and flew away and clipped half of the Fiat's nose...and the crowd went wild (in my small hut at least!) Was happy to see that, until Fisi had to retire, not shown on the screen why on earth he skidded but Team Radio did warn Nando after that incident to be careful of oil slicks somewhere around the place Fisi retired....I cannot help but think the Schumster damaged Fisi's suspension, or maybe Fisi screwed himself up....he's an Italian by the way.
The race became more interesting after that because Fartraris were slipping away and groping for traction....until Kimi had a massive collision with Liuzzi (another Italian!) That was really the turning point and I bet Kimster would have already switched off the TV and off to get some food instead - lapar tak lapar lain hal! It was a major incident...and to cut short despite all the ruling against Renault Nando was flying and not only took the lead and spread the time well against Button but LAPPED THE SCHUMSTER! Take THAT Tifosis!
Despite the brilliant blitzkrieg by the Renault, luck was not on their side and Nando had to retire almost immediately after the final pit stop due to rear tyre failure. At the moment this was written, the RF1 team was not so sure what was actually the cause but some say it was due to bolt failure, or broken suspension.

SAD! But Nando had shown the world the Rainmaster is not Schumster anymore....and again I could not stop thinking that maybe at least one of those mechanics handling the rear tyre must be an Italian!

Button got his first podium top after 116 tries...not so impressive but nevertheless he did it at last! I would not be surprised if those jingjangjoe and selfdeclaredsuccessfulpeople type of Honda drivers would be driving like Button strating tomorrow!! But please! Button started with 10 positioin penalty - he was using a new engine unlike the rest of the field! SO celebrate while you can but just do not be surprised if the frigging Honda blow up again during the practice in Turkiye next 20 days as it did this weekend...and many other times before! Heheheh!

I am proud to see the performance of Pedro de La Rosa & Kubica, Heidfeld too. As long as the FIAt team is not there, I would be happy to join in the celebration....the RF1 guys & gal actually flooded the grid to celebrate Button's achievement....but no reds was seen on the screen. Sore losers! We'll slaughter you in Turkiye! Pull your FIA(t) puppet strings to slaughter the rest of the field but in the end you did not survive the blitzkrieg today!

These past few weeks, I finally managed to get in touch with my longlost buddy from college days. He's doing well with his family in the UK and the parents are still there in Pahang.

Have been feeling fatigue and sleepy lately. Next blood test & check-up is this coming Friday...hopefully everything is ok lah....