Monday, July 31, 2006


An artistic composition named boredom

The weekend almost turned into a disaster - Alisya had high fever on Friday and after a couple of visits to the clinic, it went away but not the phlegm. She had difficulty breathing at night and we went for nebulizer at least 3 times and it was enough to bring her up & running for the sports day on Sunday.

Let's win it!

It was their first sports day ever, they were just too cute! Alisya was not in a particularly good mood all the way but Naufal was. His team won the event they participated, Alisya's team got 3rd. As for the parents game, we won the first place by far (hehehe!) The family is built as winners...Alhamdulillah.

Aliya joining the fun

Then the week starts all over again....left over from last Friday was a presentation cum meeting for all the zooleaders of the BigPictureZoo. To cut short, I do believe when people say I am a miracle worker, tagging with CL, it is definite truth. In 30 minutes we have to re-arrange the whole pack and numbers to fit what the zooleader wants.

The preso went well....I mean what do you expect to achieve if you are presenting against a bunch of people who just love to be in the cloud nine & painting flowery pictures and trying hard to be ignorant of the fact of life to the people who actually do the real work.

It is not my zoo anyway.

Alisya's coughing lead to complications, she had difficulties breathing and on the morning when I was about to drive to this one hotel to facilitate a 3 days session, I pulled my t-shirt and drove her to the pediatrician in the nearest specialist that she has been visiting since birth.

Alisya had to be admitted. I was there with her all the while because Mama had to complete some stuff in the office and furthermore the big boss from France was there for the first time.

I enjoyed the time spent with Alisya, although I am not sure whether she felt the same! At times I had to be very strict to her, this lady I tell you, she just had to do something all the time although she was struggling to breathe.

Well....I learnt over the couple of years of being a daddy, sometimes you just have to let them hate you to make things better for them.

I am just too sensitive when I see open burning ever since I have kids. Kalau kat kampung tu I don't actually mind but in the city, I feel like kicking the person's head ajer.....

Oh and for the record....I hate smokers who can continue smoking even when they can actually see there are children or babies around them. It is ok if you do not value your lungs & life that much but please have respect for the younger ones to keep their lungs healthy. Even my father in law would never smoke in the house when any of his grandchildren is around. I really respect him for that (and many other things of course).

The weekend after the sports was their Usu's graduation day....if only the organizing committee could just be more humanely sensitive on handling the time and family of the graduates...the whole session was really an overkill for the kids especially. The element of "syok sendiri" was so evidence...and the selection of music is totally not acceptable! Poor brains they have - the organizing committee. I would not be happy if it was my graduation event! Pity the graduates and their family (ours included!)....Baby Aliya is having running nose now, Naufal looks tired and Alisya, still the same!

The coming weekends will only be about the five of us! NO MORE GOING TO ANY EVENTS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE FROM ME - THE BOSS!

So in conclusion, the past 2 weekends was tiring, my temperature was on the rise most of the time (and also my temper). I need to vent the negative energy out somehow.....

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