Wednesday, July 12, 2006


There comes a time when out of the blue you realized
"Sheeshh! I AM getting old!"

It happenned to me this weekend, while I was online with my goodbuddy AbahNaj, waiting for the WC2006 final kick-off. I turned 34 on the 9th July - official final matchday of the WC2006.

Well, it's not really a concern, aging, it's part & parcel of life. Death too. So, I'll just take it as it comes and for now, being blessed with a beautiful family, I still think I am the luckiest guy on earth. Alhamdulillah!

Thanx Mama, Alisya, Aliya & Naufal for the gifts! It's really cool!

....and the kids are growing (wish I can freeze time and enjoy this moment longer). Alisya & Naufal can now cycle their bikes & trikes....and they are outgrowing the bikes & trikes really fast. Won't be long before I have to get them proper ones that will fit their sizes..and a proper head gear for them.
(Ehehhe! Won't be long for me to get that Specialized rig too perhaps....or maybe a GaryFisher...or a Schwinn...decision! Decision! Ah well..specification hunting still in progress anyway..)

The office bunch had a surprise for me too....birthday lunch @ Chilli's KLCC....with dishes that made us all very sleepy afterwards and a big piece of ice-cream cake with everybody singing the birthday anthem! It was the first of the kind for me....being budak kampung or what but hey come on, how many times would you be able to get Marsha (who coincidently was there) to sing along with the zany bunch for your birthday laa?! So, here's a special thanx to:
- Che Lie, Kimster, Sly, Rinzy, Kimi, Hisham, Sha'arin, Zul, Rox & Bahar (who cud not join due to "mengadap" session)

What I am currently looking forward to, everyday, is the "borak till we fall asleep" session with Alisya & Naufal....they somehow became very-very manja with me, started over the weekend. I have to be the one who has to bathe Alisya in the morning now and when we come back from work Naufal would be hugging me (Alisya will do the same to Mama first), while Aliya waits eagerly with her wide bright eyes for her time to be hugged & kissed soon after.

Oh..that little lady is already prepping to crawl....


....and looking at the rate she's growing, it's not going to be long before she'd be riding the bikes with her sis & bro!

Oi sayang! One thing at a time la....crawl first,
then walk, then baru catwalk!

I just want to remind myself, whatever happens during the day, I will always come back home as a true champion.....I love you all, Mama, Alisya, Naufal & Aliya!

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