Sunday, June 25, 2006

Montreal Race Week

Baby Aliya

Last weekend (the one before Indy race weekend) we went back to kampung for aqiqah for all the kids in our family and potong jambul session for Aliya, Raiyan & Danish. Unfortunately Danish could not be there because Angah had to attend a company event.


Macam anak arab la pulak dah!

Imam Masjid Sulir reciting doa, Ustaz Azman of Jabatan Agama giving ceramah

The session went well, the tiring part was when there were just about 8 of us to do the aqiqah.....werrgh....half of "the team" was not really trained or have a proper skill to do it but Alhamdulillah it all went well.

The week following that weekend was hectic and filled with some ridiculous out of focus meeting by the zookeepers. That will be told later. Perhaps.

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