Monday, May 08, 2006

Nurburgring Race Weekend

Saturday was Aliya's check-up day. Fun! The pediatrician's office was filled with little people and before long Alisya started to make friends with a Nabil who's a month younger and Michelle who's 6 months older than her. Aliya was also excited to see so many little people around and reused to sleep although the wait was quite long. Alisya was the centre of attraction due to her chubbiness and friendliness. It's amusing to see my little girl is willing to share and tolerate the others. Michelle (the girl who's father is a German and mother is a Malaysian Indian) only speaks English and German but amazingly Alisya get along well with her.

Aliya is growing well, though her weight 6.66kg compared to 6.20KG last month it is reaching the expected plateau but actually fact is she's really progressing well. She even tried to be friendly with Dr A and he felt guilty to have to make her cry - triple antigen vaccination. Fortunately, she did not cried that long.

We went to Ampang Point after that and Mama bought some stuffs. Aliya got her Bumbo seat!! She was really cute in the Bumbo and we got it at a lower than usual price of almost RM200 a piece. Alisya & Aliya caught the attention of people around and the counter lady gave Alisya bubble maker.

Wished we could bring the kids to the park in the evening but it was rainy. So Saturday ended in out small living room.

Sunday started a bit late but not too late to have fun at all. I had to go out alone to buy breakfast when Alisya & Naufal decide they did not want to follow me. They have a big bottle of bubble makers to attend to plus the free gift Alisya got yesterday. Oh boy! The kids know know how to prioritize their wants and needs!

So off I go to get breakfast for the bunch and on the way back I decided that we will have breakfast on the porch instead of the normal dining place in our little homey. When I reached home the kids were busy playing with bubbles with their next door buddies. Splendid! We have guests for breakfast.

They enjoyed the roti canai & roti sardin with some mee goreng mamak and peanut butter & chocolate sandwich.

Before long, they are blowing the bubbles again.

We got exhausted by just looking at them playing with the flying bubbles but it seems that they would not stop until the whole big container is empty! We had to put a stop and by noon they were already lying and feeling sleepy.

Mama made a delicious healthy lunch - Japanese noodle and soup - her own recipe. Since it was rainy, we spent the afternoon in the living room playing with the babies and watching movies. Off to Tesco late afternoon to get some mayonnaise for our salads.

The Nurburgring race was a disappointment for our favorite team - Renault F1 Team. Fisico really has to buck-up and be more radical on the wheels. He has just been playing it too safe for so long already. Alonso on the other hand could use a better strategy. It was nice to see Nico in the points and Villeneuve to eat Fisico's dirt after the havoc of the qualifying session. Kimi did well too but seeing Montoya retiring, the reliability issue is still a package McLaren needs to deal with. Schumi seems to have toned down a bit on his arrogance while Massa could use some help in the donkey jobs he has to do for his team mate. It seems like Fartrari really has never has any respect for the second driver in their team. We'll have Barcelona next week. We'll see if Alonso is capable of being jaguh kampung like Fartrari & Schumi did at the last two tracks.

Whatever it is, Renault will always be my favorite team....whether they win or lose in the end of the day, we still use a Renault to drive around and have fun with our babies.

Friday - the blood samples needed from my was sent for further tests and I am given a pack of pills for my liver until the result of the next tests is ready. The specialists informed me that I am already a carrier, no more in acute stage. Not really what I expected to hear but being positive, it could be worse. Next 14 days or so will determine what's the next course of action I will be facing.

Whatever it is, with 3 most wonderful kids in the world, life is never boring!

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