Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Labour day weekend

The weekend was quite long - one extra day added to the two days is very meaningful if you have kids and serious about spending time with them! - and we tried to make the best out of it.

Funny thing was, we got Aliya's next appoinment mixed-up, it was supposed to be on the Saturday of next weekend and not this one. So, it means we actually can have more time together.....yahoouuu!!
P1120390Lets get ready baby!
Saturday - off to 1U, appointment @ MAC Asia with regards to some iPods issues. Massive - 1U, not what like it used to be when I was a student. I think I would not be able to complete the whole mall in one day. We actually concentrated on the second floor of the new wing. Parked at the roof top of the original 1U and off we go. On the way to the bridge, made a quick stop to get a water bottle for Naufal - now everybody in the family has one each!
At the bridge, we found a shop with a very friendly shopkeeper selling Quinny ZAPP at the lowest price ever. Am going to recommend the shop to preggie friends. Then the next stop was a shop selling party princess dresses. The price was very very very reasonable compared to the others we have been to. Mama bought something for Aliya & Alisya.

The next stop was a cool shop selling SIGG bottles. Lotsa accesories compared to other places, thought the price is a bit - just a little bit - high from 1s3t4n but the range of acccesories is far better in this shop. The shopkeepers were friendly too, they loved the kids especially Alisya who clowned around with them. Bought some stuffs there and then only I finally managed to reach MAC Asia and deal with the issue of the iPods that have kept in my Crumpler since Friday afternoon - none of which is mine! Thanx to the friendly staff of MAC Asia, the issues were resolved at no cost - one still under warranty, another one just needs a minor "surgery", while the other one, the big boys of MAC Asia tought me how to check and verify the problems myself - it will cost me a hole in my wallet if I simply send it to the technicians to check.

While waiting for my turn, I managed to convince a father to get his son a Crumpler - it seems that my old skill as a petrochemical product marketing executive is still ok lah! (That kid owe me a big one!)

...and while waiting for the "iPod surgery" Alisya & Naufal had a blast at the mini theme park on that level while Aliya decided to spend the time with me. Then it's time to call it a to Sateville!

Sunday - hmm...let's see.....oh yes! After a quick breakfast at home we decided to drive and park at KLCC and took the LRT to Sentral....train ride for the kiddies! Boy! Did they enjoy the train ride.

After a quick round at the "bazaar" we had lunch. Then took the LRT back to KLCC and off to Sateville. Everybody was sleeping on the way back except Alisya. After a delicious home cooked dinner (*thanx Mama!) we sent their Aunt Anie back to her hostel, then a quick round of heavy shopping for diapers and stuffs at Giant.
If people used to stare at the load we push everytime we do our monthly diapers & formula milk shopping for Alisya & Naufal, now we can see people actually dropping their jaws when they saw the "almost a truckload" of diapers and stuffs for Alisya, Naufal AND Aliya. The staff of Giant asked me - that's a big load of diapers and stuffs, is it for a month? Yep! It is for the next 30 days or so!
(Pix is only half of the actual load)
If we have another baby anytime soon, we may have to change our MPV, with the one that has a bigger space for stuffing the monthly stock for the kids.....

Monday - labour day break! Naufal & Alisya had their first haircut at Unce Nasir's place. It's the first time Naufal actually agreed to have a haircut and it went well without much "songel".

After a late breakfast we laze around at the small living room of ours - it was rainy - and dozed most of the morning off. Action started late in the afternoon - off to ALAMANDA!

A quick round of hunting for the TeamGeist Miniature - still fail to get one for the kids - then off to StarBux. The ball is a must have for me since I have the FeverNova miniature from Adidas from the last World Cup. For 2006, the date of the final match is printedd on the ball - including the miniature, the deal is this - the date of the 2006 World Cup Final is on my birthday!
Anyway, I could not get the ball at 1U, Sentral and Alamanda sports shops. So, Uncle Pata if you are reading this, we are relying on you to get that bola ketot for the kids ok! We'll pay, definitely! After Starbux, we did our routine - stop at the bookstore before going back. Aliya attracted the attention of (among many others) a lady who asked me how come the baby is so white but the father is dark (Duh!) - 'Lucu sekali' she said, obviously she's an Indonesian expat living around Putrajaya. I told her that's because the mother is very fair and showed her my lovely wifey who was queing to pay for a recipe book (we're gonna have a different menu this weekend kids!).

P1000609 Back from Alamanda, everybody was tired including Aliya who could not stop wiggling in her "kantung". Alisya caught fever out of a sudden. As always, she's be very 'manja' with me everytime she's not feeling well. Slept with her with the thermometer next to me - risau siut. At about 4 am she woke me up and said - "Ayah, nak dukung....."

Ehehehe! What else could I do but dukung her and calm her down.

Came to office a bit late and dizzy but I am just glad she's all okay now.....hmmm....maybe we can go for another cool dip this weekend....

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