Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Circuit De Catalunya weekend

Last weekend the bunch had a new experience....Aliya has started taking soft foods now. Boy oh boy....it's going to be very interesting to see this little lady grow!

Since it was a long weekend (eeeeyyyahoo!) we have a longer time to spend with the kids....doing the usual thing - breakfast on the porch, then let them play with their bubble blowers and by mid day everybody would be resting infront of the TV set and dozed off....

Smart....why waste breath, use fan laa! Baby Aliya: Woohooo! More bubbles please!
Ouch! Pedih plak mata gue!

Baby Aliya: Aisehmen....cantik lense ayah...pegang sket bleh....
Me: Aaarggh!!
Baby Aliya: Uiiiks! Takkan dah flat kot Along & Angah ni apa raaa...
Alisya & Naufal: ZZZZZZzzzz!! Kroiihhhh!! ZZzzzzz!!

For the first time, we went to South City Plaza. Quite an interesting place. Met an ex-UIA Law student (to my surprise, still recognized me although I am not at all what I used to look like back in those days!) who was selling some stuff and happened to live near our homey... lotsa interesting stuff at the flea market and the space rental is very low. Bought some stuffs for the kids and went back just in time to see the Barcelona race.....another win for the kid's Uncle Alonso...woohoo! If in Monaco there is not going to be any worthy contender to the Renault F1 Team and Team Scuderia Ferrari, the season is not going as interesting as I expected it would be lah.....

Decided to try homoeopathy treatment for the disease in me thanx to Brother Kimster. The session went very well and I am looking forward t the next one this coming weekend. The doctor has some interests in martial arts - what I used to do during my "younger days".....very used to do! We spend almost one hour after the medication session talking about martial arts and the likes. There is this unique 'camaraderie' between a 'real' martial artists when they meet, regardless what kind of martial artists they are.....
The medication is starting to take effect in my system now, it started almost immediately actually. Was told that I am supposed to expect heavy fever soon and I need to inform the doctor on any changes I am experiencing to keep track on my progress.
Let's just see how this will go....but I am optimistic and have a good feeling about it, insya-Allah.

SCREAMyx has been acting up again. Memang tak stable punya service provider. Everytime I need to get online from 8pm to midnight, chances are I would have to spend hours trying to get connected and trouble shooting. Useless. I am really really fed-up with this so-called broadband service provider who seems to monopolize the industry and delivers sh***y experience to users.
If by end of the year there's no improvement we might as well terminate this account and maybe try the Jaring system or get a real mobile network access with DiGi - the ONLY reliable mobile service provider in this country to my standard of expectation.
The rest - including SCREAMyx - are just posers who never kept their promises and always broadcasts more empty promises....and trying hard to look futuristic with their (lousy) adverts that will make any average Joe Jambul (and techy wannabees) highly impressed.....while in real life, these posers are just as good as having two tin susu and a string attaching them together, as far as communication is concerned.

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