Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Birthday Weekend @ Monaco Race Day

May, a month of celebrations for our family. Mama's birthday, our anniversary and since it is in between April & June, we normally celebrate Alisya & Naufal's birthday too and of course, the Mother's day. So, we have a lot to celebrate in the month of May....but the main highlight would always be the birthday bash for the twins. It is always fun to organize a birthday party for them. Although birthday celebration has never actually been something I am accustomed to, since we have Alisya & Naufal in our live, it is part of a yearly event that means a lot to me. It is just rewarding to see them happy and having fun with their friends....and the joy & excitement in their eyes when they receive lots and lots of presents.

For 2006, they are blessed with their friends and aunties & uncles who managed to find time to be with them for their small celebration. The preparation started couple of months back - thanks to Mama who planned everything...from A to Z.

The session started at 3:00pm on Sunday. Final preparation was done in the morning.....and a big incident to the preparation was when the MPV broke down near Pasar Sateville. (Read: Major one...I guess there goes my plan to fulfill my wish for a muscle bike - again!). Had to borrow their Uncle Sly's spare car for the time being. Thank you so much Uncle Sly! Though it came as a big surprise (you bet...somebody at the service centre is gonna get a load from me soon), it did not affect the mood of the celebration after all.

The first to arrive was their neighborhood friends....some came in pirate costume and I believe I saw a girl in a panda outfit! Uncle Sly was next to arrive and the rest followed. At about 4:00pm, the cake was served. Batman & Cinderella did their part with just some minor havoc....ever since they were babies they just love to touch and taste any cakes (especially those with candles)...and that was what they tried to do to their birthday cakes!
Oit!! What are you doing Kakak!

When the singing was on, Alisya was too shy to stand behind her cake, she actually hid behind it and then went under the table! But when it was time to blow the candles out, Naufal was quite hesitant....and Alisya came to the rescue, blew the candles for her baby brother's cake and her own.

I'll do it Batman! Pfhuuhh~!! Pfhuhh~!! Walla!

Then the main concentration was on the foods lah...and I had the time to borak with the people.

Just some pix of a couple of their uncles & aunties who were there...

The energy level of Batman & Cinderella was declining towards the later afternoon....but suddenly went up again close to maghrib.

They were supposed to open their presents after maghrib.....but the twins were too tired to do anything....they only did it next day....with help from their kid sister Baby Aliya.

Can I have this one mummy?

Although the crowd was not as we have budgeted it to be, those who came made the celebration a very very meaningful day, for us and our kids.

....on behalf of our kids, we would like to say thank you to those who came....the kids were very happy to be with all of you.....and no words could express how much it mean for us...thank you so much...
you are the most wonderful uncles & aunties anybody could ever have!

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